Calista Kids Summer Academy

Calista Kids Summer Academy, children will contribute to their physical development by consciously training with professional trainers this summer.

They will have the opportunity socialize and practice with language lessons with games and competitions and become the heroes of a pleasant summer story!

Calista Kids Summer Academy will take place between 20 June 2021 and 15 October 2021 at Calista Luxury Resort.

Calista Kids Summer Academy is special for children aged 4-15.

All group lessons and trainings for children will be held in the sports and activity areas within Calista Luxury Resort.

Group lessons will be held with an expert by certified trainers in their fields.

Children who participate in the academy have the right to choose third of the available courses.

During their stay at the academy, the children will take the three lessons they have chosen as group lessons every day.

In case of participation of 2 children from the same family, 10% discount will be applied for the 2nd child from the package price.

Group lessons will be divided into 2 different age groups. (Between 4-9 year old & 10-15 years old)

For the participants children will be Calista Kids Summer Academy T Shirts present.

Certificates and medals will be given to the participants by the trainers.

Calista Kids Summer Academy is a paid service and is not included in the all-inclusive service.

Loyalty Member discounts are not valid for Kids Summer Academy.

Please contact our CRM, Guest Relation and Call Center team for information and registration.

Football Camp

Group football lessons for your children with professional equipment on the football field in the hotel. First-class football education for your children with our experienced football coach who has a professional football career.


Group Basketball lessons with standard size and height basketball hoops in the hotel, plus adjustable basketball hoops for children. Group lessons with children will be accompanied by an experienced and professional basketball coach, and your children will learn to play basketball. The basketball court is in an open area and suitable for hygienic conditions.


Tennis lessons will be given to your children at the tennis courts in accordance with international standards in the hotel. In our Hotel we have 4 clay tennis court and 1 of hard tennis court. lessons with children will be accompanied by an experienced and professional Tennis coach, The equipments are disinfected after each use.


In the open area specially prepared for yoga, your children will be given yoga training in their own language, accompanied by a professional yoga instructor. Cleaning of the area and Mats are disinfected after each use.


Swimming lessons will be held in the indoor and outdoor pools of the hotel. Your children can learn to swim with a professional swimmer and instructor. Hygiene control of the pools is carried out with daily tests. Swimming lessons have educational and entertaining equipment for children.


Group boxing lessons for your children in the outdoor fitness area on the beach of our hotel, accompanied by professional equipment and an experienced trainer. The equipments and the area are disinfected after each use.

Language Courses

An opportunity to learn a foreign language for your children during the summer vacation. Accompanied by an experienced teacher, your children will learn English or Spanish with lessons in their own language. Hygiene and social distance rules will be followed in classes.