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Whether you are a cocktail kind of person or you enjoy a decent draft beer accompanied by some music, or simply looking for a refreshment under the sun, there is a Calista bar to suit every taste.

  • Calista Resort Bars White Belek Antalya Gallery Mobil

White and Black

The opulent lobby is your haven to unwind in cosy sofas and catch up with people while enjoying your favourite tipple.

  • Calista Resort Bars Blue Belek Antalya Gallery Mobil

Blue Bar

Located on the island among the pools, Blue Bar is conveniently yours when you wish to have a refreshing drink or better, a yummy frosty cocktail prepared with shaved ice on spot.

  • Calista Resort Bars Breza Belek Antalya Gallery Mobil

Brezza Bar

Brezza Bar promises delightful cocktails and a magical aura in a spectacular Mediterranean setting. Enjoying an enchanting sunset or a romantic moonlit night on the pier is what makes this place so special.

  • Calista Resort Bars Beachbar Belek Antalya Gallery Mobil

Beach Bar

Sun is bright and days are long on Belek beaches. When you feel like grabbing a sandwich or a cold drink, step into our snack bar on the beach to cool down on the covered patio.

  • Calista Resort Cool Disco Mobile

Cool Disco

Cool Bar is the glitziest spot in Calista. When the DJ gets going, the vibe turns into a full-blown party until late hours into the night.

  • Calista Resort Dinig Bars Deep Bar Mobil

Deep Bar

With an al fresco area to guarantee you will not miss a thing, Deep Bar is located next to the amphitheatre and the party area so that you can enjoy the performances of renowned artists while having cocktails second to none.

  • Calista Resort Hotel Vitamin Bar Mobile

Callos Vitamin Bar

For anyone seeking a healthy alternative, the Callos Vitamin Bar in SPA is waiting for you. Relax after your fitness or SPA session with a selection of freshly squeezed fruit juices, herbal teas and coffees.

  • Calista Resort Hotel Jazz Bar Mobile

Jazz Bar

Enjoy a relaxing evening with loved ones at the Jazz Bar, with live music and other events.