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By the pool or by the beach ... Each corner at Calista tempts with delicious snacks.

Turca Pool Snack

Offering light lunches and à la carte presentations, the Turca Pool Snack serves by the pool.

The Garden Snack

Garden Snack

Delivering a mellow Mediterranean vibe, the Garden Snack brightens your afternoons with rich salad options, snacks and pastry products.

Beach Snack

The beachfront Beach Bar complements the sheer pleasure of blue sea and white sand beach with refreshing drinks, cold sandwiches, and delicious snacks such as kumpir and corn.

Street Flavours

Light-hearted snacks like ice cream, pancakes, hot dogs, hamburgers and kumpir await Calista guests at the Street Fair.


Cafe Calista

Luscious cakes, sandwiches, desserts, baklava varieties, and sweet or savoury biscuits served with coffee and tea options on Café Calista's lush terrace. (10:00-20:00)



Delightfully refreshing frozen treats and ice cream invite you to a cooler world at Scoop on hot summer days. (10:00-18:00)


You will fall for Carpo's fun stand festooned with colourful summer fruits.

Turkish Pancake

Delicious Turkish pancake selections are offered to guests as a late breakfast or snack experience.