Stay fit on holiday!

Calista Sports & Health Community

The magnificent air of the Mediterranean, the turquoise sea and ultimate holiday relaxation come together in Calista's brand new sports and health community.
Enjoy a distinctively fun and effective experience with our Personal Trainers - professionals with expertise in their fields who can help you reach your goals! Continue your daily sports and fitness program on your holiday.

•Free group lessons
•Individual training programs
•Custom training schedule setting
•Rapidly reaching targets, by customising optimal training in accordance with personal requests
•Preparation of special, healthy and low-calorie menus in line with personal requests and lifestyles
•High performance with support and motivation from trainers

A time-independent journey without limits ...

Morning Yoga

Enjoy a meditative session amid the magnificent peanut pines by the Mediterranean.
To start a new day on a fresh and energetic note, discover the perfect balance between your body and your soul with breathing exercises, sun salutations and other asanas, mudras and warm-up exercises.


An effective way to create a brand new you ...


Shape your body, increase your strength - and feel good!
In short training sessions on beautiful sunny days, gain balance, poise, strength and flexibility, and shape your body.


Reshape your senses ...


Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and overcome stress with breathing exercises!
Even with a simple 15-minute session, you can calm your mind and focus on positivity and happiness. Through meditation, raise the quality of your life throughout the day and embrace inner peace and balance.


Build a bridge between you and the world ...

Cycling Tour

No phones, no computers, no walls. Ahead of you, only a path leading ahead and magnificent landscapes on each side. Return to simplicity with cycling and get in touch with the outer world. Observe and enjoy natural beauties with your own eyes.

Cycling Tour

Try a new, fun lifestyle activity ...

Nordic Walking With Poles

Shape your upper body, and move your shoulders, back and legs to strengthen your heart and lose weight! Whatever your age and gender, using special walking poles, you’ll use more than 500 calories per hour during Nordic Walking sessions by the sea or on mountains or steep slopes.

Nordic Walking

For those who love a challenge ...


Increase your strength and move your body! Focus and have fun while you gain strength and confidence Kickboxing, where boxing moves meet karate kicks.


For power, speed and balance ...


Raise your pulse, burn fat and gain an athletic posture! CrossFit, the most popular sport of the last few years, is increasingly the choice for a tight and fit physique and a higher metabolism; swift results with exercise that impact the entire body!


The program that creates miracles in four minutes ...


Challenge and succeed! Rather than exercising on the treadmill for an hour, Tabata offers cardio activities such as jogging, rope-skipping or cycling, enabling you to push the limit in accordance with your body weight.


The popular way to pay attention to muscle and heart health ...


Burn fat, increase your resistance and push your limits! Whether you’ve just started a fitness journey or you want to go to the top, do not give up the TRX: It’s possible to feel better and be more energetic with just seven simple movements.


The preference of those seeking to resist gravity ...

Kangoo Jumps

Say goodbye to cellulite and toxins with these rebound system jump exercises! Rejuvenate your skin with the Kangoo Jumps, the world’s most fun fitness cardio program, while you strengthen your joints and spinal cord and boost your energy.

Kangoo Jumps

More than just a dance ...


Have fun with Latin breezes, dance and aerobics routines and lose weight! Tighten your muscles with Zumba and increase your coordination skills while using 800 calories per hour in a dynamic, enjoyable environment where music and tempo meet.


The delight of cycling in the pool*...

Aqua Spinning

Tighten up, and lose cellulite and extra kilos without too much effort! With the latest trend, aqua cycling on bicycles placed in the pool purifies and tightens with the massaging effect of water – all eyes will be on you!
*Does not require swimming skills

Aqua Spinning

The most enjoyable form of fitness ...

Aqua Jumping

Burn calories on a pool trampoline accompanied by upbeat music! With the head and the shoulders always above water, this exercise is suitable for everyone. Increase balance and reduce stress while you train your muscles and raise your endurance.

Aqua Jumping

The only thing you need is a swimsuit ...

Aqua Gym

The gravity-defying power of water helps you lose weight, burn calories and perform an infinite number of moves with ease! Aqua Gym can easily be performed by people of all ages and people with limited mobility, including those with meniscus, spinal disc hernias and cervical disc hernias.

Aqua Gym

Dance to the rhythm of the music ...


Step-Aerobic include stretching exercises accompanied by music. This exhilarating activity can help you lose or gain weight, get conditioned and get rid of stress - while having fun!