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You are invited to bask in the Mediterranean sunshine as our poolside attendants present a first-class service. Just pick your favourite spot around one of our 6 immaculate pools. And do not forget to take a dip in the open heated pool in the middle of winter. That we call a privileged experience.

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Main Pool

3.800 m2 - 140 cm Depth

The main pool in the centre of Calista delivers water's magic energy to anyone seeking a refreshing break. 

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Heated Pool

115 m² - 140 cm Depth

Enjoy nature and swimming together during spring and summer... in the heated outdoor swimming pool.

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Heated Pool With Waterslides*

(01 October - 31 May)

A water park on a summer's day is always fun! A pool with heated slides is an excellent option, especially for those who want to have fun outside during the summer months. These pools ensure that the water is kept at a specific temperature and prevent the water from cooling down. This means that use of the pool is not limited to the summer months and our guests can enjoy the pool and slides all year round. Our five slides and water park pool provide a safe environment for children and entertainment for all ages.

*Heated pools are in continuous service between 01.11.23 - 31.11.23 and 01.03.24 - 31.03.24. Heated pool service may vary between 01.12.2023 - 29.02.24 depending on weather conditions and hotel occupancy.

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Indoor Pool

300 m² - 110 cm Depth

The indoor swimming pool in the SPA centre offers a swimming experience in a warm environment.

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Half Olimpic Pool

310 m² - 185 cm Depth

Professional swimmers prefer the semi-Olympic swimming pool at Calista Luxury Resort 

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Children's Pool

A children's pool integrated with the playground where our little guests can have fun in the shade of the trees.