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Kids Club

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Calista Resort Hotel Kids Club Logo

Every Kid Is Special At Calista

Calista Luxury Resort Calhippo Kids Club brings together entertainment, excitement and joy, with special services for different age groups. Every detail is designed for children and their families, from shaded children's beaches to mini-trains, from children's menus to babysitter services.

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Calhippo Babies

"The ""Calhippo Babies"" concept for infants aged 1-3 years old offers all the
services that families need. Everything - from complimentary organic baby formulas to a kitchen with all the equipment necessary equipment for parents to prepare their children’s food, from a diaper changing units to electronic toys - is available at the Kids Club.

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Calhippo Minies Group

Kids between 4-7 years old enjoy fun moments and thrilling adventures with special activities and entertainment programs at the Kids Club. Our little guests will lose track of time with educational social activities, a private playground at the beach, an outdoor playground in the Club, handicrafts and talent courses, and sports and pool games.

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Calhippo Maxies Group

Children between 8-12 years old enjoy and learn with activities throughout the day. A variety of sports activities, handcrafts, cinema, swimming and award-winning competitions take place in the Calhippo Maxies Group.

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Kids Disco

At the Children's Disco, one of Calista's indispensable classics for kids, the young guests have fun dancing to their hearts' content and show off all their talents on stage.

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Children's Buffet

Custom designed children's buffets, dining tables and an entertaining meal for the kids are all at the Calista Children's Buffet. Our young guests can have their meals from the buffets designed for them and have fun at the children's tables specially designed for them.
At Calhippo, kids will enjoy both healthy and tasty food with daily fresh grilled dishes, pasta, rice, vegetable purees, boiled vegetables, seasonal fruits, desserts and drinks freshly prepared everyday.

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Garage Youth Club

Teenagers between 13-17 years old are not forgotten by Calista Luxury Resort. For teens to mingle and socialize, sports and team-oriented activities are available throughout the day.


For Parents

Calista Luxury Resort offers comfort and provides necessary supplies for parents at the resort, so they don't have to carry extra luggage. Sterilizer, bottle heater, microwave, fruit juicer, blender, refrigerator (ready for use in Kids Club), children's chairs (in all restaurants), potty, baby cot, covered baby bathtub, car seat (on request), and water heater (in all rooms) are complimentary for all families.