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Football Stars meet at the Calista Sports Center!

Hosting thrilling football competitions, the Calista Sports Centre opens its doors to football clubs with three FIFA-standard football fields.

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Calista Sports Center

The state-of-the-art Center offers a closed area of 1,500 m². Following a $7 million investment, the Center provides four fully equipped locker rooms with 24-person capacity, a massage room, a fully equipped fitness centre with an area of 110 m², a doctor's office, four offices and a storage area and a cafeteria. There are also two tribunes with a 250-person, two VIP rooms in each tribune, two press rooms and a broadcasting room.

At 70m x 105m, 68m x 105m and 65m x 105m, the FIFA-standard fields have 1,500 lux and 750 lux Philips lighting systems. At the Calista Sports Center, where the latest technology in heating and cooling equipment is available, special germination and special drainage infrastructures are used.

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