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Program Privileges

Guest Loyalty Program

Calista Luxury Resort Hotel has prepared a Loyalty Bonus Programme just for you, providing you with a possibility to earn more points easily.

How to earn Loyalty points?

  • You can earn points for every night you have booked in Calista Luxury Resort via travel agency / tour operator, online booking or direct reservation.

  • Earn points when sharing your comments on the hotel and your positive experience on the various Internet portals by sending us your review link (crm@calista.com.tr)
    Points are valid only for the hotel guests

  • Loyalty points will be earned only by the person who made a reservation (ie per one person in the room).

  • Superior Rooms 20 €

  • Corner Suite & Duplex Family Room 30 €

  • Presidential Suite & King Suite and Villas 100 €

  • For every positive online review on the Internet 50 €

  • How to spend Loyalty points?

  • In order to redeem the loyalty points to save up to 50% of his or her next stay, loyalty members need to make a booking directly through the hotel. The amount of points used should not exceed 50% of the total price of the room being booked.

  • Loyalty points may be given as a gift to another person as a virtual voucher no name or transferred to another member’s account.

  • Loyalty points do not have any cash value.Spend loyalty points cannot be refundable.

  • Loyalty points can not be applied to the reservations made via travel agencies or other companies.

  • Extra hotel services cannot be paid for with loyalty points.

  • Loyalty points can not be used with any other Calista discount cards or any other special offers.

  • Bonuses can be used as a transfer payment (up to 50% of the total transfer fee)
  • Convert loyalty points into Loyalty gift vouchers

  • Whenever an amount of loyalty points reaches a desired level, the member of the loyalty program may convert his or her points into gift vouchers for a family, colleagues or friends.

  • Loyalty gift vouchers may be used for up to 50% payment of the reservation amount (in case of the direct reservation) if the full prepayment is going to be done via bank transfer, by cash or credit cards.

  • Gift vouchers can be used while booking with the hotel Customer Relation Department only.
  • General terms

    With your first Calista Luxury Resort hotel reservation, you become a Loyalty program member and subsequently you can gain a permanent guest status. Bonuses are not earned under the following booking conditions: info tours, corporate parties, group bookings, through the Expedient company, hotel’s guests of honor, unpaid reservations, special rates reservations, special offers, invitations made by management and reservation with loyalty points.

    About our Program

    To get help about the Loyalty Program you can always contact the CRM department:


    *The current General Terms and Conditions are valid from 01/01/2010. Members accept that the Program may be modified, in all or part, at any time and without prior notice.
    *The Calista Luxury Resort hotel reserves the right to cancel or make changes to the loyalty program / permanent guest program, at any time and without prior notice.