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- As indicated in the tables below, 5 environmental-themed events and 5 cultural and social events were planned and successfully implemented in 2021.

- To take part or undertake at least three times a year in projects such as support projects for village schools, aid projects for those in need, natural life support projects, etc. To lead the increase of cultural tourism and its promotion to foreign tourists in meetings with local and tourism managers.

- A blue cap collection campaign is carried out in cooperation with the Spinal Cord Paralysis Association. Guests who want to make donations other than the blue cover, contact the reception and provide a notification. Within the scope of the social responsibility project, the association is contacted. In this way, it is aimed to collect more donations.

- As Calista Luxury Resort for the year 2022; In 2021, we aim to reduce our water consumption, which is 167,451 m3, by 3%, our electricity consumption, which is 7,738,797 kWh, by 2%, and our Natural Gas consumption, which is 7,184,759 kWh, by 4%.

- There are some rules at the entrance stage in the cultural, religious and historical areas that will be visited in our region. Among these rules, it is necessary to comply with the dress code adopted by the society of that country when entering religious areas. The dress code is explained to our guests by the guest relations, and it is stated that appropriate clothing is available at the entrance to the religious areas.

- To organize events where 100% of all special and official days (23 April, 19 May, etc.) will be promoted in the promotion of Turkey.




- The Child Protection Policy is both an internal and an external policy. Compliance with the policy is mandatory for all Calista Luxury Resort personnel. Policy violations; leads to disciplinary action, including possible dismissals. In addition, the Child Protection Policy must be applied in all situations where Calista Luxury Resort and its partners work. If there are cooperated institutions, it will cause the cancellation of cooperation agreements and the suspension of relations. In relevant cases, appropriate official actions are taken in line with the law.

- Calista Luxury Resort has adopted a zero tolerance approach for the protection of children.

- The principles underlying the child protection policy provide the basis for many basic principles for the provisions of the child protection policy.


In line with this policy,

- We offer environments/opport unities within the facility that will contribute to the development of children, where they can freely express their thoughts, wishes, feelings, and feel free and comfortable.

- We celebrate their small successes at every opportunity, encourage them, and guide them to understand each other’s feelings and thoughts in their communication with other children.

- We teach all our team about the types of child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect), we provide practices of reporting child abuse and our social obligations in this context.

- We try to be aware of the attitudes and behaviors of parents towards their children, and to be aware of the signs of physical-verbal- phychological violence or neglect, and to be vigilant in the face of such cases.

One of the most basic and most important objectives of sustainable life is considered as "Protection and Continuity of Resources". Sustainable tourism is to protect local resources, increase the quality of life, meet the needs of touristic consumers and the people of the region with the future in mind, and develop tourism capacities suitable for the cultural integrity of the country and its environment.

 As Calista Luxury Resort, our sustainability activities are as follows: We ask you, as our guests, to support us in our Sustainable Activities..


-Our activities for the protection and conscious consumption of natural resources,

-Our social responsibility projects

-Our activities to support the economy and local people

-Use of environmentally friendly energy sources

-Use of minimum harmful chemicals to nature,

-Control and Evaluation of Wastes,

-Our activities to promote and protect our historical and cultural richness,

-To inform and encourage our guests, suppliers and society about our sustainability activities

-Not to carry out activities that harm animals and natural environments within the facility




-As Calista Luxury Resort; We display an environmentally conscious attitude from training processes to guest activities, raw material preferences, operational sustainable investments and the evaluation process of the gains as a result of the investments with reports. Encouraging suppliers to increase their environmental awareness in the same context is the most important part of this process; We make serious contributions to the spread of sustainable production and service activities.

-The ionization system has been started in the pools, and the Silver-Copper (Ag-Cu) Ionization system has been applied instead of chlorine in disinfection, reducing the amount of chlorine used under normal conditions. By switching to this system, which is more effective and environmentally friendly in disinfection, significant savings are achieved in chlorine consumption. At the same time, since there is no need for algae-preventing chemicals thanks to this system, there has been a significant decrease in the use of chemicals. The backwash frequency is reduced thanks to the system, thus saving water.

-Salt-Chlorine generators, an alternative method that produces chlorine from rock salt by electrolysis, are used for disinfection in the pools of the villas within our hotel. Thanks to this system, pool disinfection is provided with natural rock salt without using any chemicals.


Water resources


-Water, especially clean water, is one of the most important of the limited natural resources on earth. As a business, it is one of our constant goals to control our water use and create saving methods. In order to achieve this goal, we measure the amount of use of all our water resources and conduct monthly and annual surveys.

Aerator Application to Faucet Heads

-All taps and showers in the hotel's general areas and rooms have been fitted with a mechanism that allows the water to flow with an air mixture, that is, less water with the same pressure, called "aerator", so that 45% of the water is used more economically without affecting the guest satisfaction.



-LED lighting, which is the most economical and long-lasting, is being used in hotel general lighting, exterior lighting, ornamental lighting, office and corridor lighting.

-With the investment made in 2013, LED lighting was used in 85% of the hotel instead of fluorescent, energy saving and halogen bulbs.

-In terms of both food safety and environmental safety, the use of led fluorescent, which has a shatter-proof outer surface and 54% efficiency in energy saving, has been used instead of fluorescent bulbs in food production and presentation areas (kitchens and restaurants).

-Photocell or automatic batteries are used for collective use. It reduces water usage in our daily life in all open WCs, guest rooms and outdoor showers. For this reason, all of the sink faucets in the public areas and 24% of the guest rooms have been replaced with photocells.



- In the tourism sector, energy constitutes a significant part of the costs of the enterprises and greatly affects the profits of the enterprises. Calista Luxury Resort uses the "Energy Saver System" in its rooms. Thus, when the guest is not in the room, the electrical system works in vain and does not consume energy. Cooling and ventilation are automatically turned off when windows and doors are opened.

- The outer glasses used in the blocks are special double glazing and are green in color compatible with nature. The inner and outer glasses have been chosen to provide a 43% temperature difference. Thanks to the fact that most of the buildings are glass, we make maximum use of daylight.



-To support energy efficiency activities

-To minimize pollution by determining environmental effects,

-To support the local community and all our stakeholders in this direction.

-TTo ensure the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems by adopting sustainable tourism within the scope of environmental protection activities,

- ensure that employees have efficient working conditions in line with human rights and personal rights without discrimination,

-To carry out joint commercial processes and social responsibility projects with local people and businesses to support the economy and society, 


*** Thus, we undertake to contribute to the country's values and the development of the region



-To follow the innovations in tourism in accordance with the cyclical structure and to introduce Turkey to the world tourism in order to make the Calista Luxury Resort brand a leading institution in tourism among the Anatolian brands,

- accordance with legal and other regulations and international standards that we are obliged to, in line with the risks and opportunities affecting the internal and external contexts of quality management, guest satisfaction, environmental management, energy efficiency, occupational health and safety, food safety; to determine the purpose and applicable activities with annual plans and evaluations,

-Measuring and reviewing process performances with the determined analysis methods and adopting continuous improvement as a management strategy,

-Evaluating guest demands, suggestions and feedback meticulously, ensuring its impact on quality management, guest satisfaction, environmental management, energy efficiency, occupational health and safety, food safety systems, and thus keeping the guest priority service approach at the forefront,

-To ensure the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems by adopting sustainable tourism within the scope of environmental protection activities, to support energy efficiency activities, to minimize pollution by determining environmental effects, and to support the local society and all our stakeholders in this direction,

-To actively continue the training activities of the employees in order to ensure that Calista Luxury Resort service, quality, environment, food, occupational health and safety, energy efficiency, guest satisfaction standards are fully implemented in all service processes and in all activities with stakeholders,

-To ensure that employees have efficient working conditions in line with human rights and personal rights without discrimination,

- To ensure the safety of our employees and stakeholders by making analyzes within the scope of occupational health and safety activities, to prevent practices that threaten their health,

-Within the scope of food safety activities, to fully implement the processes from the purchase of raw materials to the consumption of the produced food within the framework of the food safety management system and to ensure the development of these processes together with the foresights of suppliers, institutions and guests,

-We undertake to carry out joint commercial processes with local people and businesses and to carry out social responsibility projects in order to support the economy and society, thus contributing to the country's values and the development of the region.




-According to our energy data reported in 2020, energy savings of 1.8% were achieved in electricity and natural gas consumption, while the desired targets in water and chemical consumption could not be achieved. The reason why we are behind the target in water and chemical consumption is the start of the Covid-19 pandemic process and the changes in personal and general hygiene rules.

-Due to the pandemic process in recyclable packaging waste, the transition to packaged products and the increase in the consumption of disposable products are taken into consideration.

-With the use of Ag-Cu ion system in pools, the decrease in the amount of chlorine, which has an effect on human health, continues to reduce the damage to water and people.

-Thanks to the importance we give to the environment as Calista Luxury Resort Hotel and their sensitivity and carefulness with the help of our employees in the 2021 works, a basic level zero waste certificate was obtained.

-Due to the pandemic process, mobile hepa filter cleaners are used to provide clean air control in closed areas, to protect human health and not to use chemical air cleaners. 80% efficiency is obtained

-In 2021, a sapling donation project in agreement with the TEMA Foundation was carried out for our employees on their birthdays. In order to avoid wastage of paper, the certificates  were sent digitally,  without printing the certificate.