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06 September 2022

Privileged Service on Holiday: CIP Terminal Service

Do you dreamabout a service which captures the holiday atmosphere and makes you feel privileged as soon as you step into the airport? If the answer is "Yes!", then it's time to get acquainted with the CIP (Commercial Important Person) Terminal Service! This service, which kicks off your holiday before you even arrive at the hotel, is a privilege offered by Antalya all-inclusive 5-star hotels Calista Luxury Resort ranks first among these exclusive hotels.

CIP Terminal Service is of great importance and convenience. Offering superior service to its guests, Calista Luxury Resort is very pleased to offer CIP Terminal Service, which makes the journey more enjoyable.  As the summer holiday begins, we invite you to discover Calista Luxury Resort and benefit from this service.


What Does the CIP Terminal Service Include?

Greeting the passenger at disembarkation with a personalised sign (for Villa Leo guests)

  • Transport to the CIP terminal by VIP vehicle
  • Porter service
  • Special Duty-Free shop service
  • Expedited Customs and Passport controls
  • Expedited check-in service
  • 2 hours’ accommodation in the CIP terminal concourse,
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and food offerings
  • Free Wifi/lnternet Service
  • TV
  • Flight Information Monitor
  • Children's playroom
  • WC & Baby Care room
  • VIP vehicle transport to the aircraft by VIP vehicle


With all these privileged services, you will experience a luxury holiday from the minute you board your flight, during the flight and during your journey from the airport to the hotel. Calista Luxury Resort, which considers all your needs for you during the CIP Terminal Service, offers you the same service throughout the entire holiday.

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What Are the Details of CIP Terminal Service?

  • CIP Terminal service is available for guests staying a minimum of 4 nights or more in Superior and Leo villas.
  • CIP Terminal service is available for direct flights at Antalya Airport Domestic and International Terminals.
  • CIP Terminal service applies to departures only for Superior Villas and arrivals/departures for Leo Villa.
  • Hotel check-in/check-out dates and flight arrival/departure dates must be on the same date.


Your vacation continues as it began... With the CIP Terminal Service offered by Calista Luxury Resort, you can start enjoying comfort from the first day of your holiday. If you want to have a holiday experience with your family or loved ones that you have never experienced before and will never forget, opt for Calista Luxury Resort, which offers many services from CIP Terminal Service to pillow menu, from private villa concept to honeymoon, birthday or anniversary organisations. You will experience privileged service from the first day to the last day of your holiday...

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