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06 September 2022

A Brand-New Experience: Villa Holiday

The most anticipated and the most enjoyable moment of the year has arrived, the holiday season! While your expectations for a pleasant holiday might change day by day, high quality, maximum comfort and pleasure are at the top of the list of things that do not change. So, when it comes to a summer vacation that will make the whole family happy you might ask yourself if it’s possible to have all these things together? We say… why not!

A villa holiday brings a new perspective to the family holiday concept. We have a wide field of experience to meet everyone's wishes. At Calista Luxury Resort, we carefully prepare the most special and comfortable villas of the Antalya Belek region for you and we would like to introduce you to them. If you are ready, let's go on a pleasant exploration of our special concept villas...

An all-inclusive villa holiday suggests many beautiful ideas when one dreams of Türkiye. The most enjoyable of these is a stay in one of the villas that bring together a unique sea view and all the wonders of nature. The most highly rated villas in the Antalya Belek family villas category are Villa Leo, Superior Villa and Twin Villa all under the roof of Calista Luxury Resort.

Villa Leo

If your holiday concept is a combination of luxury, splendour and comfort, Villa Leo offers a bespoke experience. Villa Leo considers every detail for you, from private cook to chauffeur service, a private heated pool, its own spa area, gym and cinema room. Who wouldn't be happy to have a holiday in this private villa with a total capacity of up to 18 guests?
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Single Villa

If you want to experience a comfortable resort summer holiday experience, another option is Superior Villa. In the two-storey Superior Villa, which is one of the most esteemed villas in the Antalya Belek family villas selection, special assistants prepare all your needs before you even notice. All you have to do is benefit from a pleasant holiday with your loved ones in this private villa.
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Twin Villa

Imagine a villa with its own common pool, spacious rooms that make every day of the holiday special and unique VIP service which unlocks the doors to a glorious holiday... You and your beautiful family quite deserve a holiday in such a place. Stylish and comfortable, our Twin Villas are the perfect solution for you budget and will remain the favourite memory of all your holidays.

Calista Luxury Resort, one of the leading names in the category of hotels with private villas, is superior to none when it comes to Antalya Belek family villas. If you want to have a unique holiday experience with your family or loved ones, you will have a hard time choosing among the best villas with private pools. Make your choice, receive your key and start enjoying your new life!
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