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01 April 2022

Ultra All Inclusive: Down to Your Favourite Pillow!

The way to take a holiday above and beyond typical is to make it more satisfying through small details. One of the most important of these details is undoubtedly the choice of pillow. We all prefer pillows that are suitable for the health of the neck and allows us to sleep soundly in the comfort of our own home. However, when it comes to holidays, it can take time both to get used to a different bed and to have a good night’s sleep due to a strange pillow. Instead of carrying your own pillow to the hotel or trying to get comfortable on the standard hotel pillow, how about choosing the most suitable pillow for you from the pillow menu. The choice comes to you with Calista’s Luxury Resort service, which is listed among the 5-star all-inclusive hotels in Antalya?

Calista Resort Luxury Privilege

If you've never heard of the pillow menu, you're not alone. This menu, which is prepared to accompany superior service only in limited locations, takes the accommodation and holiday experience one step further. Calista Luxury Resort comes first among the hotels that offer this service. Calista Luxury Resort, Türkiye's first Green Star award-winning international hotels in the Belek region of Antalya, adds a different dimension to the "Ultra All Inclusive" concept. Simply choose from our pillow menu to choose the most suitable pillow for your restful nights! Moreover, this service is free and exclusive to you.

So, What's on the Pillow Menu?

The standard pillows in Calista Luxury Resort, which is one of the top all-inclusive 5-star hotels in Antalya, give you a superior experience. In addition to these pillows, each of which is hypoallergenic and provides a very comfortable sleep, we offer an additional choice of pillows in the pillow menu, chosen to meet your specific requests. A special sleep experience awaits you thanks to these pillows, which are prepared in different sizes and with different materials!

Here are the options on the Calista Luxury Resort pillow menu...

Memory Orthopaedic Pillow:

This Visco brand pillow preserves the shape of the spine by adapting to the shape of the head and neck region. As soon as you raise your head, it returns to its original state and reshapes according to your movements every time you put your head down.

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Goose Feather and Down Pillow:

This special pillow, which is prepared with 85% goose down and 15% gooseneck down, has a lightly filled structure. Goose feathers absorb moisture during your sleep and balance the temperature changes in the body. Thus, a comfortable sleep awaits you.

Buckwheat Pillow:

This pillow, prepared with buckwheat hulls, remains cool during the time you sleep. It is quite special because it is produced with environmentally friendly material and helps you to sleep a healthy sleep by greatly reducing your muscle tension.

Children's Pillow:

Thanks to this synthetic and hypoallergenic pillow with polyester fibre filling, our smaller guests also enjoy a pleasant sleep. Thanks to its ergonomic design and reduced cushion thickness, is structured to protect a child’s neck and does not block the airways.

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