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29 September 2022

Control of the Holiday at Your Fingertips

What do you expect from a good holiday? The answer to this question is different for everyone. But still, a vacation where everything is perfectly designed for your needs and at the same time you are in full control is a unique experience. Details that increase the comfort of the room which you stay in, and arrangements designed with features that are not found anywhere else will help you to have a pleasant holiday. Summer holidays become even more memorable with these special touches.

When it comes to family vacation or summer vacation, Antalya all-inclusive 5-star hotels are among the first which come to mind Calista Luxury Resort, which is a firm favourite of confirmed travellers, makes a name for itself with their special guest experience offers. At the forefront of these experiences is our Smart Room technology. This technology is programmed according to your needs and also develops environmental awareness towards the world.

What is a Smart Room System?

The Smart Room System, called Smart Room, is a special service offered by Calista Luxury Resort to its guests. With it you can remotely control the heat level and light settings of your holiday room, open the door without a door card and manage room service remotely. All you need to control all this is your smartphone! You can access the smart panels in your room, hotel staff, information resources and many other services with a single click, using this system from anywhere, at any time. Thus, you can enjoy your holiday without sacrificing your comfort.

Get to Know This System Up Close…

The smart room system increases the holiday comfort experienced by you, our valued guest, and brings many privileges. Let's take a closer look at the features of this system...

When you log into the smart room system, you can manage many technological features, from the temperature of your room to the sensors and alarms in the room.

The smart room system also allows you to experience the pleasure of opening the door without your card. Thanks to this system, the problem of losing cards, which is a holiday classic, is also eliminated.

With Smart Room, energy and water consumption decreases and you take a big step towards a greener environment. With the "Energy Saver System", a Calista Luxury Resort privilege, when you open the room and balcony doors, the cooling and heating system is automatically disabled. Thus, energy efficiency is achieved.

Thanks to this system, you can control the air conditioners while sunbathing on the beach and take advantage of the housekeeping service quickly and easily whenever you need it.

From the moment you log in to the system, all devices start to work smoothly and safely. Thus, your safety and comfort are taken to the next level.

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Your Dream Vacation Awaits You!

We know that you want a holiday where you can easily access everything you need, specially designed for you, and which makes you feel privileged. Calista Luxury Resort, one of the most popular hotels in the Antalya Belek region, welcomes you with its smart room system service so that you can have the holiday of your dreams. This technologically advanced system takes the pleasure of your holiday a few steps further. You should definitely book Calista Luxury Resort to experience this futuristic experience!

Offering many privileges from CIP Terminal Service to VIP Airport Transfer, Calista Luxury Resort continues to surprise you with its Smart Room System. A unique holiday experience awaits you at your fingertips now!

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