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25 November 2022

A Unique Holiday Experience: Cultural Tourism

For some, when it comes to summer holiday wish-lists, the sea, sand, and sun come to mind. Others use their holidays to enrich themselves culturally. But why choose one or the other? If you want a unique holiday that relaxes your body and nourishes your soul, come to Antalya, Türkiye!

Calista Luxury Resort, a favourite in the Antalya Belek region, has proximity to cultural sites and luxury resort services. The resort allows you to enjoy every detail of your summer holiday, from sunbathing to cultural tourism. Calista Luxury Resort will give your family an unforgettable family holiday experience.

Cultural Routes Near Calista Luxury Resort

Antalya Belek is a region full of natural resources and rich historical sites. There are important cultural destinations that are easy to reach from Calista Luxury Resort; a favourite among all-inclusive five-star hotels in Antalya.

Let’s take a closer look at these locations:

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Aspendos Ancient City - 22 km

The glorious ancient city of Aspendos, located in the Serik district of Antalya, awaits you. Located just 22 km from Calista Luxury Resort, this ancient city will take you on a journey back in time with its amphitheatre and other ancient ruins. The Roman theatre, located here, is among the most magnificent and best-preserved structures in the world.

Perge Ancient City - 24 km

Another ancient city in the region is Perge. This active excavation site, holds its place among the natural beauties of Antalya. Located only 15 km from the city centre, this ancient site is only 24 km away from Calista Luxury Resort. This locality, which dates back to the Hittite Period, was formerly known as "Parha". It is a culturally important location due to its architecture and unique history.

Hadrian's Gate - 39 km

Hadrian's Gate, also known as the Three Gates, is another Roman architectural work. It was built as the main gate of Antalya during the reign of the roman emperor Hadrian, between 117-138 BC. This gate, which is one of the best-preserved historical sites of Antalya, is still among the most impressive locations of the city. The gate is only 39 km away from Calista Luxury Resort.

Antalya Museum - 45 km

The Antalya Museum, one of the largest museums in Türkiye, is located in Konyaaltı. It is 7,000 square meters in area and holds upwards of 5,000 works of art. The museum. also known as the Antalya Archaeology Museum, attracts attention with its thirteen exhibition halls and an open-air gallery. Located 45 km from Calista Luxury Resort, this museum is definitely worth a visit.

Side Ancient City - 48 km

Side Ancient City, which is an ancient port city, is well known throughout Türkiye.. Located inside the ancient city, there is an amphitheatre built with columned arches. With its eye-catching splendour it is the largest amphitheatre in the region. The Temple of Apollo, fountains, gymnasium, agora, and other ancient ruins in the ancient city await you just 48 km from Calista Luxury Resort.

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