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14 August 2023


Hello, Mr. Brian!
First of all thank you for coming to Calista again.

As a person who visited Turkey for business trips and summer holidays what would you say about Turkey and Antalya?

First of all, Turkey is for me like my second home because I of course played football in the biggest club in Turkey - "Fenerbahçe"
So I've been for training camp many times, with team in Denmark, also with "Fenerbahçe" in Antalya, in Belek.
And for me, I always felt like I am home when I come to Belek and, especially when I come to Calista Hotel.
You have been choosing Calista for years as a place for spending your vacation.

Could you, please share the main reasons of choosing our hotel?

I always came to Calista because of the quality: the quality of the food, the quality of the beverages,
the quality of the people who is working here, quality of the managers.
I like quality, so when I get in like I said Turkey is my second home. I also feel like Calista is my second home.
So, its always been for holiday with my family, its been business with my job.
I always choose Calista, so because I like the people and I like the quality.
Thank you very much.

And the third question: If calista was a person, how would you describe it, its appearance, character?

It's very simple for me, it must be the most beautiful model in the world.
Thank you very much. it was a great honor to meet you here today.
Have a nice holiday, Mr. Brian.
Thank you!

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