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08 August 2023

Best Restaurants in Belek: Local and International Flavours

Thousands of tourists flock each year to the Mediterranean for its cuisine that attracts well deserved attention. Mediterranean cuisines contains many local delicacies. When visiting Antalya, one of the Mediterranean cities frequented by foodies, we recommend that you sample the regional specialties.

Local Flavours of Belek, Antalya

In addition to its unique natural beauty, Belek also stands out for an abundance of delectable Turkish cuisine options. Belek, Antalya’s regional dishes consist of foods prepared with traditional methods and local ingredients.

Hülüklü Çorbası (Soup), which was designated a "Geographically Marked Product" in 2019, is one of Belek's most well-known dishes. This dish is also known as "Düğün Çorbası (Wedding Soup)" and consists of bone broth, rice-boiled chickpeas, tripe, tomatoes, onions, lemons, mint, pepper, butter, and salt. This soup, which can be eaten at any time of year, can also be consumed cold.

Gökçesu pilavı (pilaf), comprised of rice, chickpeas, parsley, carrot, and dill, is favoured by many visitors to Belek. This special rice, which is available at all local restaurants, has a distinct flavour and a delicate texture.

The Şilofta tatlısı (dessert) stands out among the regional delicacies. The addition of healthy ingredients such as sesame, walnut, almond, fig, and grape to boiled phyllo creates a unique, sweet flavour.

Antalya Piyazı is made with tahini, in contrast to other cities in the country. Tahini piyaz, which has been consumed for more than a century, is a favourite of both domestic and international tourists.

Enginarlı Girit Kebabı (the Cretan Kebab with Artichokes), a specialty of Mediterranean cuisine, is a dish that visitors to Belek should absolutely try. The Kebab, which consists of artichokes, cubed meat, onions, and tomatoes, is cooked using a distinct method.

Hibeş, made with tahini, garlic, cumin, salt, lemon, and red pepper, is one of Antalya's most versatile flavours. The appetiser can also be used as a sauce in other dishes.

The unique mushroom pastry contains mushrooms, parsley, onion, pepper, salt, and olive oil. The pastry, to which various ingredients may be added, is prepared on a metal tray.

In Antalya, the kabak tatlısı (pumpkin dessert) revered throughout Türkiye, is prepared with the addition of tahini and walnuts. The distinctive flavour develops after a lengthy maturation period and plays a significant role in Belek's regional cuisine.

Yanıksı dondurma (burnt ice cream), another unique flavour of Antalya, is made with goat's milk. This treat is created when milk is slightly scorched during the boiling process and can be found in many local ice cream shops and bakeries.

Antalya's local delicacy, şiş köfte (shish meatballs), are prepared by cooking over a coal fire. Shish meatballs, which are among the must-try flavours in Belek, are praised for their impressive flavour.

Arap kadayıfı is prepared with cinnamon, walnuts, and sherbet. Kadayif, consisting of walnuts added to small rounds of dough, is one of the city's signature flavours.

Bergamot jam, which is among the special flavours of Antalya's Belek district, where there are countless jam types, wins the appreciation of lucky tourists.

Serpme Börek prepared with cheese, minced meat or potatoes added to thinly rolled phyllo is also among the must-try traditional tastes of the city.

In Belek, Antalya the Calista Luxury Resort awaits you with its restaurants that serve regional delicacies to offer a unique vacation experience through the opportunity to try new flavours.

Restaurants in Belek Where You Can Sample Regional Specialties

Belek, Antalya satisfies all palates with its restaurants serving a variety of local and international cuisines. In Belek's finest local eateries, you can sample unique Mediterranean dishes.

You can visit Piyazcı Ahmet, Arap Nazmi, Piyazcı Sami, Özdoyum Restaurant or Aksu Şimşek Köfte to try the special tahini piyaz in Antalya, which is favoured for its piyaz.

Börekçi Tevfik, Zamora and Fıtır Börek are where you can sample the serpme börek, which is one of the daily favourites. These places start welcoming hungry guests at the first light of day.

Arap Nazmi, Şişçi Ramazan, Topçu Kebap and Özdoyum Restaurant are restaurants renowned for serving the tastiest şiş köfte, which are prepared on special skewers and have a flavour suitable for all palates.

Seafood is one of the most popular ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine. Belek, Antalya is extremely abundant in seafood varieties. Visit one of the best fish restaurants in Belek, such as Sandal Balık, Lara Balık Evi, or Antalya Balık Evi, for a dinner featuring fresh fish prepared with an assortment of preparation techniques.

Dessert is necessary after dinner. One of the local desserts of Antalya, tahinli kabak tatlısı is available at Mevlana Restaurant and 7 Mehmet. You can order Arap Kadayıfı after dinner at Hasan Antalya Restaurant, Şişci İbo, Arap Nazmi, and at Topcu Kebap.

You should visit Akdeniz Dondurma, Zamora, Nur Pastanesi, and Giliğ Dondurma to sample the ‘burnt’ goat's milk ice cream.

Stay at the Calista Luxury Resort for an idyllic vacation where you can sample all the enticing local flavours of Antalya. The restaurants of the facility, which are centrally located and therefore easily accessible to guests, offers a variety of regional specialties.

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Best Restaurants in Belek, Antalya

The expansive Calista Luxury Resort, Belek features the finest of Mediterranean cuisine restaurants. The concepts of restaurants serving a variety of local and international cuisines vary ensuring distinctive menus.

With its impressive seafood cuisine, Savor À La Carte Restaurant always provides guests with memorable meals. Thanks to the seating in an open area with sea views, you can enjoy pleasant al fresco meals.

With its tables surrounded by greenery, The Grill À La Carte Restaurant provides a relaxing setting for dinner. The restaurant, which is among the best meat restaurants in Belek, offers unique flavours with its menu of red meat dishes prepared using various techniques.

Sakura À La Carte Restaurant serves cuisine from Asia. You have the opportunity to try a variety of foods in the restaurant, with decorations that complement the menu items.

Timo À La Carte Restaurant’s elegant Italian theme creates a unique ambiance. The restaurant offers numerous Italian favourites.

In an airy space dominated by the Mediterranean’s famous blue and white, The Garden À La Carte Restaurant features a spacious decor. The restaurant’s Mediterranean theme provides guests with a pleasant experience by serving a variety of healthy regional dishes.

Elegance VIP À La Carte Restaurant is a dining establishment where exclusive delicacies are prepared exclusively for VIP guests. This restaurant is also available to guests staying in standard accommodations for a fee.

The Best Cafeterias of Belek

The snack bars at the Calista Luxury Resort provide high comfort and luxury service and are comprised of various offerings.

Garden Snack, located in a spacious area of the facility, stands out as a place to spend time during the day with a menu of light snacks such as pastries and salads.

Chocolate House is well-known for its extensive coffee and biscuit menus, which were created specifically for coffee enthusiasts.

Within walking distance of the beach, Beach Snack offers a tranquil setting in the middle of the soft green grass where you can enjoy a cold drink or even a light meal.

Schiller Cafe is a space designed specifically for those who cannot survive a minute without their coffee. You can enjoy your coffee al fresco here, as well.

The extensive and varied menu at Turca Pool Snack is available at all times of the day.

Calista Luxury Resort, where guests can enjoy local and international cuisine while on vacation in Belek, Antalya has a high rate of customer satisfaction with its luxury service concepts.

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