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07 June 2023

Five-Star Hotels for a Wonderful Holiday in Belek, Antalya

Antalya Belek opens doors for thousands of holidaymakers every year to the most beautiful examples of cultural heritage with the surrounding ancient cities, clear waters, warm sands and fresh air.

Belek offers you many privileges catering to your needs and desires with five-star hotel services. These establishments offer guests the privileges of first-class service and provide easy access to both the town centre and the natural surroundings that crown your holiday experience.

Belek hotels, where daily activities are realized with the highest levels of comfort during your holiday, provide five-star service experiences so you can create unforgettable moments in advantageous locations.

Experience the calm and peaceful nature of Belek with the privileges of Calista Luxury Resort. Leave behind the intense high-stress city dynamics and enjoy the best services of the five-star Belek hotel class in Antalya.

Belek’s Five-Star Hotels All Inclusive Service

Hotels where the all-inclusive service is offered combined with high-level service quality provide the foundation for an unforgettable holiday. With this concept, food and beverage services are included in the accommodation price of your hotel.

It is possible to find the all-inclusive concept in many of Antalya Belek's five-star hotels. Because accommodation and all three main meals are free of charge you will not encounter any food or beverage issues during your holiday.

Belek’s five-star hotels all-inclusive privileges do not end with just the three main meals. Within the all-inclusive packages, you can also benefit from requests such as late breakfast, five o'clock tea, snacks, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, as well as extra services.

Antalya Belek’s five-star Hotel, Calista Luxury Resort, which provides the Ultra-All-Inclusive concept, ensures customer satisfaction at a high level during your entire holiday. We have won international awards each year for our quality service, which is indispensable for people who are enthusiastic about unique and memorable experiences.

With our Ultra-All-Inclusive concept, the first-class quality privileges you will receive during your holiday are listed below:

Sleeping comfort is one of the most basic elements that will take away the stress of the entire year and make your holiday restful. Our rooms and beds, included in our Belek Ultra all-inclusive concept are designed based on your wishes and are the key to the comfortable sleep you need.

Excellently prepared and uniquely served dishes are necessary for a memorable holiday. Our special menus, created by our talented chefs, are at your service 24-hours a day. They combine flavours suitable for almost every palate and contain the unique tastes of Turkish and World cuisine.

During your holiday, you can enjoy this privilege at any time with our ultra-all-inclusive concept.

For our guests who like to continue an exercise program during their holidays, we provide various gym equipment and experienced sports instructors at our Calista Sports Academy facility. We also provide healthy choices on our menus without sacrificing variety or taste.

For those who love to spend their beach hours with delicious snacks, and for those who want to top-off a hot evening with an ice-cold cocktail, Belek’s five-star hotels can meet all their refreshing expectations thanks to our all-inclusive concept.

If we ask you what you think is the most revitalising activity of a summer holiday, the most common answer would probably be swimming. Moreover, this is available to you not only on summer days but also throughout the winter.

Our eight pools of different sizes, including our heated outdoor pool, our VIP beach, piers and pavilions, our snack restaurants, and our friendly staff providing quality service await you.

For those who want to enjoy a pleasant and all-inclusive family holiday, especially families with children, we would like to introduce the Calhippo Kids Club. The kid’s club is a service that will make the entire family happy.

At our club, children between the ages of one and twelve can spend their days in enjoyable and educational activities. We provide endless events and entertainment for all your childcare needs.

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Antalya Belek Top Five Star Hotels

Calista Luxury Resort offers attractive service privileges for those who want to experience the best five-star hotels in Antalya Belek. As noted above, we pay special attention so that your expectations are realized in all areas such as, food and refreshment, sports, children's activities, and pools with the intent of maximum satisfaction for guests.

As part of our ultra-all-inclusive concept, would you like to examine our accommodation privileges and rooms designed in accordance with your needs and desires? With Calista Luxury Resort Smart Room technology, you can fulfil your ambient and climate control needs, from room temperature to light adjustment or room service, with a single touch, using our smart control system.

In addition to a spacious living area, our Superior Garden View room, where you can get a luxurious sleeping experience in a king-size bed, brings you all the comfort you expect on holiday.

Our Superior Side Sea View room is popular for its king-size bed and unique sea views that will help you wake up peacefully each day.

Specially designed for large families to have a comfortable and unforgettable holiday, the Family Room offers large adjoining rooms connected by an internal door.

The Superior Connecting Family Room, designed with two superior rooms with a connecting interior door, allows for holidays where the whole family can spend time together comfortably.

The Dublex Suite, separates the living area, with its wide windows, from the bedroom with an elegant spiral staircase. It offers a warm interior that is indispensable for an enjoyable holiday.

The Corner Suite, where you can feel the warm sunlight to your bones, offers luxury comforts with its spacious living area. It has been specially designed for those seeking the privileges of a five-star hotel.

The Presidential Suite, the pinnacle of personalized service with its stylishly designed furniture and sophisticated living space, blends the beauty of the Mediterranean with unique amenities.

The King Suite,on the other hand, offers all the first-class service privileges you expect from a luxury holiday, combining comfort options with the unique natural beauty Belek, the pearl of the Mediterranean.

An Experience Full of Luxury and Comfort

Among the privileges of Belek's five-star hotels, luxury experiences covering transportation and all other requests are also offered to holiday goers. Many privileges, especially the Fast Track and VIP Terminal services that you can access within our hotel, are brought together for your convenience throughout your entire holiday experience.

Whether you plan to spend your holiday with your loved ones, or alone, and regardless of season, you can benefit from all the luxury and comforts thanks to our Belek Ultra all-inclusive concept. Prepare yourself for a brand-new experience where you can leave your stressors behind.

Thanks to its ideal location, you can choose the five-star hotel experience that stands out to you with the high-level of quality service in Antalya Belek. You can enjoy natural beauty, ancient cultural heritage, and the Mediterranean sun all in one location.

Contact the Calista Luxury Resort family at any time to enjoy the pleasure of a Belek five-star hotel and to get detailed information about all the privileged services we offer to our guests, free of charge, including our rooms which are designed completely according to your wants and desires, our villas that offer an even more luxurious accommodation, our event frames, and much more.

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