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31 May 2023

Perfect Holidays in Antalya Beachfront Hotels

Antalya is one of the pearl cities of the Mediterranean, the world's largest inland sea. Especially during the holidays, those who want to experience the peaceful blue of the sea in all its intensity choose to visit locations in Antalya by the beachfront.

Antalya hotels, help you get away from all the stressors of city life thanks to seaside beauty, as well as accommodation privileges that bring you the holiday of your dreams with their beachfront locations.

The Mediterranean is dotted with beautiful holiday towns along the coastline. One of these places, Belek, which can host during both summer and winter holidays thanks to its mild climate, is one of the favourite destinations for Antalya beachfront hotels.

Belek, which is near to the Serik district of Antalya, is located 30 km away from the town centre. In this way, it offers the advantage of easy access to city activities while still offering a holiday experience in an oasis of natural beauty.

Belek, the most popular location for Antalya beachfront hotels, is considered one of the centres of outdoor sports in addition to its favourable reputation for holiday accommodations. In addition to hosting one of the most special golf courses in Türkiye, it is a region that is also favoured by football teams for their summer and winter training camps.

Calista Luxury Resort, prominent in Belek hospitality with its all-inclusive concept of Antalya beachfront hotels, allows you to experience first-class quality service in the stunning beauty of the Mediterranean.

Unforgettable Experiences with
Antalya Beachfront Hotels

Antalya beachfront hotels combine the unforgettable experience of warm Mediterranean waters with a comfortable holiday heightened with unique luxury privileges from friendly and efficient service teams. Hotels also diversify your swimming pleasure with indoor and outdoor pools, and private beaches.

Calista Luxury Resort has eight pools of different sizes for swimming, and invites you to fully enjoy the clean Mediterranean waters with two 250-meter-long piers, one of which is VIP, sun loungers where you can settle comfortably all day, and umbrellas and pavilions where you can be protected against the heat of the bright sun.

The pools within our facility invite you to enjoy the warm sun and peaceful waters. You can experience our pools of assorted sizes with sun loungers that you can choose for yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

  • Our Main Pool, which is 3,800 square meters and 140 cm deep, opens the doors to a refreshing experience in the centre of Calista, where you can take a break whenever you are overwhelmed by the heat by submerging in the water and relaxing your body.
  • Our hotel, which is a favourite of the beachfront hotels in Antalya, is a great choice not only for your summer, but also for your autumn and winter holidays. Our Heated Pool, which is 115 square meters and 140 cm deep, allows you to experience the beauty of nature during your holiday even in cool weather.
  • For our guests who attach importance to their personal and refined tastes we offer a warm indoor swimming pleasure with our Indoor Pool, which is 300 square metres and 110 cm depth. It is specially designed for peaceful moments with its location in our spa centre.
  • Our hotel, which is one of the most valuable locations in Antalya in terms of Beachfront Hotels for athletes, makes professional swimmers happy with its 310 square meters, 185 cm deep Half-Olympic Pool.
  • One of the greatest activities of summer holidays are undoubtedly Water Slides. These areas, where holidaymakers of all ages can spend hours, add colour to the holiday of Antalya guests in hotels at the beachfront.

Our aquapark has five different slides, offering different adrenaline-spiking experiences, ensuring that all our guests, especially children, have an exciting day.

  • Speaking of children, it is impossible not to mention our Children's Pool that we have specially designed for our guests on family holidays. This pool, where the safety of the little ones is of primary concern, is integrated with the fun playground so parents can relax knowing their children are securely having fun.

In this way, children who enjoy playing and swimming can go to the park at any time and create joyful holiday memories. The entire family are able to experience the privilege of Antalya beachfront hotels with the difference of Calista Luxury Resort.

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The Most Luxurious of Refined Pleasures
and Personal Moments

Away from the stress of the city, refined pleasures and personal moments are among the essentials of a holiday full of peace and pleasure. The way to experience these moments most indulgently is with Calista Luxury Resort.

Our hotel combines the uniquely restorative and healthy effect of water with your personal relaxation at the “Solus per aqua”, namely SPA. Water therapy sessions enriched with nature's essences, medicinal plants, unique scents, and warm stones are available.

You can crown your refined tastes with professional touches thanks to our expert staff Choose from the techniques you want to experience among our methodologies and the most suitable approach for you.

Our services, where you can both enjoy the privilege of Antalya beachfront hotels and participate in the process of finding your inner balance, help you to rid yourself of built-up stress and negative energy during your holiday.

Our SPA sessions, intensify the most special moments you can give yourself with massages that are completely suitable for your body’s needs. Various massage techniques help your muscles to relax, regulate the nervous system and blood circulation, and make it possible to remove toxins and electricity from the body, with high-level luxury services.

  • Our Callos SPA service brings together the holiday experience of Antalya beachfront hotels with moments of complete relaxation. Our trained and expert therapists are ready to meet all your needs and desires in a peacefully designed environment.

Within the scope of our service, you can experience classic and world-famous massage techniques, purify your skin with Ottoman bath rituals, and give yourself the care you deserve with special facial treatments that will enable you to have radiant, and healthy skin.

  • The Turkish Bath’s head to toe purifying effect combines special decorations and ancient rituals that adhere to cultural traditions to provide a specialized personal moment.

Here, you can experience purifying scrubs and foamy relaxing massages with nourishing oils to get rid of toxins. After our services, you will enjoy a calm soul, a relaxed body and healthy glowing skin, both during and after your holiday.

  • Our VIP Suite is among our services that combine your personal moments together with luxurious experiences. Thanks to this indulgence, you can increase mental and physical relaxation with packages that are completely tailored to your needs.
  • Speaking of personal moments, we should also mention our Beauty Centre, where you can receive all the remarkable professional care treatments that you have ever dreamed of. Hi-Tech SPA treatments, skincare, manicures and pedicures, hairstyling and similar privileges are among the services provided by our trained technicians.

Antalya Beachfront Hotels
All Inclusive Special Offers

Among the privileges that make beachfront hotel experiences more attractive are all-inclusive services and special offers.

From unforgettable meetings to special assemblies, from celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries to honeymoon services, the special gatherings you organize are elevated thanks to the unique sea views.

Belek, where you can add the exquisite beauty of the Mediterranean to your holiday experience, and combine the comfort of Antalya beachfront hotels with first-class service, is the intersection of all your wishes and desires.

With the privileges offered by Calista Luxury Resort exclusively to holiday goers, first-class luxury and comfort become the norm of your holiday experience.

Contact us at any time to get detailed information about our ultra-all-inclusive services so you can experience luxurious hotel privileges at the Mediterranean sea in Antalya.

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