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18 May 2023

Experience Unique Accommodation in Türkiye's Most Luxurious Hotels

Most people would want to stay in one of Türkiye's most luxurious hotels, where they can feel relaxed in the fresh air, away from their daily stressors, and where they can discover cultural experiences thanks to historic locations.

Türkiye’s Mediterranean region with its warm sun, deep blue sea and modern transportation and accommodation offerings, is extremely rich in terms of the most luxurious hotels in Türkiye.

When speaking of the Mediterranean region, luxury hotels and unique accommodation experiences, it is impossible not to mention Belek, which impresses with its seafront location.

Belek is a district of Serik in Antalya Province, Türkiye. With modern designs and futuristic architecture it is almost the capital area of luxury accommodation. It would not be wrong to say that Antalya is one of the most preferred tourism destinations.

Belek is a region that attracts attention not only in terms of the most luxurious hotels in Türkiye but also in terms of sports activities. The region is known both as an area for football teams’ training camps and as the centre of golf tourism.

Calista Luxury Resort offers luxury accommodation privileges in Belek, the pearl of the Mediterranean coast, where you can enjoy the azure waters and experience the natural pine forests thanks to its seafront location surrounded by forests.

Calista Luxury Resort, where you can get ultra-all-inclusive services including sports activities, food and beverages, children's entertainment, and special events, brings you the most luxurious holiday experience in Türkiye.

The Heart of Football Tourism: The Privilege of Türkiye's Best Quality Hotel

In addition to the sea, nature, and historical beauty, Belek stands out as the heart of football tourism. There are more than 50 football fields, and the training centres of many teams are located here, proving the advantage of this location.

Calista Sports Centre is home to many adrenaline fuelled competitions and events. It opens its doors to all football clubs with three fields built in accordance with the standards of the International Football Union (FIFA).

Apart from the fields where football dreams can be realized, our sports centre offers amenities such as a fitness centre, doctor's office, spectator stands, and press and broadcast rooms full of the newest technologies. In this context, our quality centre is a place where clubs can meet their high expectations for successful training camps.

Calista Sports Centre, which offers a residential area capacity that can accommodate more than one team at the same time, combined with luxury experiences, is located in Belek with advantages that can be found all twelve months of the year.

In addition to football training, you can realize your daily sports routines at Calista Luxury Resort with great pleasure and comfort in our gym and with our training services.

You can add to your holiday plan all the sports activities available within the Calista Sports and Health Community whether they are one-to-one or group activities.

All the sports activities such as, beach volleyball with two courts with sea views, golf on an eye-catching field with internationally qualified equipment, tennis with four clay and one hard floor for both amateurs and professionals-with night lighting- water sports including parasailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, and even a banana boat are available with our luxury hotel experience.

Contact us before booking to learn about the camp our organization is offering with Paris Saint-Germain Academy Turkey between April 15, and October 15, 2023. We will offer an experience that combines holiday, sports, entertainment, and education to girls and boys between the ages of four and sixteen.

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Constant Preference of
Meetings and Organizations

Belek, the star of the most luxurious hotels experience in Türkiye, is consistently chosen for professional meetings and organizations. In addition to national organizations, the luxurious accommodation in Belek also hosts international gatherings such as the G-20 summit that was held on November 15, and 16, 2015.

The first choice is Belek for travel and organization activities because we support the working dynamics of many sectors. To benefit from this excitement, choose Calista Luxury Resort, which stands out for the privileged services it provides when it comes to luxury accommodation in Türkiye.

Among the meeting and organization privileges that you can utilize within our hotel are various conference rooms with different capacities, elegant meeting rooms that we enhance with our high quality of service. These areas are designed with appropriate configurations in accordance with your needs and wants.

Thanks to our fully equipped event venues where you can get purpose-oriented service, you can conduct your meetings and organizations while we worry about the details.

We offer state-of-the-art products, adjustable lounges, spacious foyer areas, delicious, elegantly presented handmade snacks, access to common areas and the best hospitality in the region at Calista Luxury Resort.

For meeting and professional organization events, we offer the following locations:

  • Candor Hall has a capacity of 1250 guests. It can be divided into three separate halls if needed. It is designed to host extraordinary events and is the right choice for you if you are holding a stylish and flashy special gathering.
  • Our smallest reception room, Gorgona, is designed specifically for meetings where privacy is expected and elevated levels of services are needed. This sunny meeting room, which has a total capacity of 30 people, is the actualization of luxury experience and privileged service.
  • Medusa has a capacity of 30 people and an area of 60 metres squared which stays bright all day with natural sunlight. Here is where you can find the perfect hospitality experience which we have specially designed for exclusive occasions.
  • Okeanos, where you can get the privilege of modern and innovative service thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, which is necessary for successful group meetings, offers an area of 72 metres squared for slightly larger gatherings.
  • Our Moviola cinema hall, which you can choose for special presentations and screenings, attracts attention with its spacious and elegant design and has an area of 180 metres squared with a capacity of 280 people.

In addition to professional meetings and organizations, Calista Luxury Resort brings a first-class service understanding when planning your wedding, which should be one of the most special moments of your life.

With the assistance of our professional planning team, you can have everything you need to fulfil your dreams with views of the seafront thanks to our luxury hotel management professional organizing staff.

Thanks to our hotel, you can enhance your special wedding events, including your bachelor and bachelorette parties, with decorations of your choosing, various snacks and hors d’oeuvres, service privileges and special requests making your wedding planning professional and fun.

First-Class Holiday Blended with
Luxury and Comfort

Our hotel, where you can enjoy the combination of tourism, holiday luxury, and comfort in the unique beauty of Belek, allows you to easily access first-class service.

You can take part in entertainment programs and access many more activities and events, where rhythm, dance, and music are showcased. You can enjoy unforgettable performances from world-famous artists, and wind down with PlayStation games, foosball, air hockey and various other video and arcade games in our Bonus Game Room.

Calista Luxury Resort, where your personal experiences combine with professional and privileged service to live every day in the most beautiful way thanks to the irresistible beauty of Belek, is one of the most luxurious hotels in Türkiye.

Contact us at any time to get detailed information about our services and privileges. Then elevate your holiday experience with the most luxurious accommodation qualities in Türkiye and experience all the beauty of Belek in every detail thanks to our magnificent location.

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