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03 January 2023

Pamper Yourself with a Callos Spa Experience

Holidays should mean taking time for yourself so you feel recharged. Would you like to gift yourself a pampering spa experience for your holiday? If you answered "Yes!", we would like to introduce you to the special services at Calista Luxury Resort.

SPA, aka Salus Per Aquam, means health that comes through water. Therapies in which you feel the miraculous power of water, in your body and in your soul, will provide an unforgettable holiday experience. Calista Luxury Resort offers you spa experiences with massage methods that allow you to relax, relieve tension, and feel rejuvenated at the same time.

What awaits you in the spa?

Hot stones, medicinal herbs, and unique fragrances provide a calming atmosphere which will relax you the moment you step into the spa. Calista Luxury Resort attends to the smallest details in our spa centre so guests can relax physically and mentally.

Decide on the most suitable massage and therapies or you along with our trained experts. You will enjoy a spa experience like you have never experienced before. Our stylish and comfortable spa, encourages you to unwind with calm music and quiet, relaxing encounters.

Callos Spa, which offers a Turkish bath, sauna, and massage therapy, also provides skin care, manicures and pedicures, and even hairdressing services. Take a closer look at the all the care packages and wellness methods on offer.

Face and Body Treatments

Callos SPA allows you to refresh your face and skin with treatment methods that use state-of-the-art technologies. Many different care options such as treatments that soften wrinkles around the eyes, lighten the appearance of dark circles, increase the moisture and elasticity of the skin, applications that control facial pigmentation, skin rejuvenation methods, and effective anti-aging choices await you.

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Traditional Turkish Bath

Meet at the traditional Turkish Bath if you want to enjoy a classic self-care ritual. The powerful effects of foam, water, and massage, refresh your mind and body.

  • Traditional Turkish Bath: kese (exfoliating cloth), foam massage, hair washing
  • Argan Bath: whole body scrub, foam massage and moisturizing argan body mask
  • Children's Foam Bath: light aromatic foam massage


Callos Classics

Try a Callos Classic massage to feel healthier and happier. There are massages that will pamper your skin while sunbathing, applications that increase blood circulation, and gentle touches that reduce muscle tension.

  • Bronzer St. Bart Oil Massage
  • Classic Massage
  • Aroma Massage
  • Mandara Massage
  • Ozone Sauna

Leave the hectic city behind

Callos SPA massages relax your muscles regulate blood circulation and the nervous system, so you can feel renewed. Thanks to these treatments, which remove toxins from your body and remove negative electricity, your holiday will be even more enjoyable.

Choose Calista Resort’s spa experiences and feel the tensions of city life melt away.

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