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23 June 2023

Historical Places to Visit in Belek

Antalya Belek is a region that has won the hearts of visitors with its historical wonders and modern hotels that allow for vacations year-round. It is especially useful for those who are planning a summer vacation and want to add historical splendour to their itinerary.

Calista Luxury Resort privileges and the sea, sand, sun, are all you need for a warm holiday. And of course, summer is the best time to visit Belek!

The unforgettable beauty of the region is an experience that will make your holiday meaningful. These historical beauties, which retain their energy even in today's dynamic, contribute to the immortality of your holiday memories.

Antalya Belek, one of Türkiye’s most popular vacation destinations, is abundant in natural and historical wonders. Every year, it welcomes many visitors, not only because of its warm and clear sea but also because of the surrounding natural beauty.

Calista Luxury Resort, one of the best hotels in Antalya Belek, welcomes you with modern rooms designed to your style, needs and desires, villas where you can experience first-class comfort with your family and loved ones, and many other benefits. All that remains is for you to discover the distinct beauty of Belek.

Let’s examine together the historical places to visit in Belek, which will make your holiday much more meaningful. These places fascinate visitors by bringing the most special moments of the past into the present.

The Ancient City of Perge

When historical sites in Belek are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the Ancient City of Perge. The Ancient City of Perge, one of the most magnificent and eye-catching examples of Hellenistic Period architecture, is only about 30 kilometres from Belek.

Archaeological digs have unearthed a theatre with a capacity of 12,000 people, a stadium, and aqueducts The aqueducts are symbols of the commercial dynamics in the ancient city of Perge, which is considered an extremely important heritage for Christians, and is thought to have a history dating back to the Bronze Age.

The ancient city also contains many structures of traditional Roman architecture making it one of the most visited historical sites in the region. You can visit Belek Perge Ancient City between the hours of 08:00 and 20:00 every day.

The Ancient City of Sillyon

The ancient city of Sillyon, one of the cities of Aspendos-Perge, attracts attention with its traditional Byzantine structures and is also regarded as one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world.

This ancient city, located about 15 kilometres from Serik, was founded in the second century AD on Koçhisar Hill by the Pergamon Kingdom. Many examples of expert craftsmanship can be found in the region's stone towers and battlements.

This ancient city was built on rocks and was not surrounded by walls. Because of its location there is a situation that requires attention. This situation is the inability to reach the city via public transportation. However, you can bring your own car or hire a private car for your visit.

Aspendos Aqueducts

The Aspendos Aqueducts are undoubtedly one of Belek's most popular historical ruins, welcoming thousands of local and foreign tourists each year.

The aqueducts, located approximately 25 kilometres from Aspendos, carry the clear waters of the Taurus Mountains and their valleys. They are regarded as one of the world's most admirable feats of engineering of that period.

They are thought to date from the middle of the second century AD, based on construction techniques and qualities of the arches. If you want to top off your vacation with one of the best examples of beauty and craftsmanship, you can visit one of the most important water carriers of its time.

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Zeytintaşı Cave

Zeytintaşı Cave, which is thought to be eight million years old draws a lot of attention from visitors. It is located only 27 kilometres from Belek. The discovery of this cave was due to an unintentional event. Zeytintaşı Cave was discovered by chance in 1997, while workers in the area were preparing to open a quarry. The authorities have meticulously protected the two-story, 70-meter-long, 14-meter-deep cave.

Because it is one of history's ancient ruins and is rigorously protected, many restrictions have been imposed in the cave, including photography. Visitors are admitted only in small groups under a certain number.

With its needles, stalactites, columns, and stalagmites, the Zeytintaşı Cave is considered a must-see because of its distinct energy that transports you back in time.

Aspendos Theatre

Aspendos Theatre, which dates from the 10th century BC, is in the Serik village of Belkıs. Because of its location, this theatre is also known as Belkıs. Zenon, son of Theodorus of Aspendos, is thought to have built the Aspendos Theatre in the second century AD.

The theatre, which was dedicated to the gods and the emperor's family when it was built, is one of the most important historical structures in Aspendos. It is one of the few open-air theatres that have survived to the present and it still draws admiring glances from visitors for its magnificent design.

Aspendos Theatre is about 18 kilometres northwest of Belek. This destination, which is among the historical sites that visitors to Belek should not miss, is regarded as the best theatre in the world in terms of acoustics.

The theatre, which contains many works from the Byzantine, Hellenistic, and Roman periods, hosts many events today that provide guests with unforgettable moments.

The Ancient City of Termessos

The Ancient City of Termessos is in Döşemealtı, Antalya. In terms of profile, it has a very striking appearance. The city is also one of Türkiye’s best preserved historical areas.

The ancient city is worth seeing for both its natural beauty and historical ruins. It is surrounded by pine trees which will nourish you with every shade of green, and its wild plants, many of which you will encounter here for the first time.

The ancient city is protected within the Termessos National Park. It can be visited every day between 10:00 and 17:00 if you want to spend a unique moment alone or make memories with your loved ones.

Belek Clock Tower

The Belek Clock Tower is one of the city's most recognisable landmarks. The structure is found in the heart of the city, near the street market.

Because the date of construction of the building is unrecorded, no true date can be provided. However, some historians and archaeologists believe that the tower was built during the reign of Abdülhamid II.

Because the building is in the heart of the city, it is easily accessible. Wherever you spend your vacation, you can visit and experience this beauty whether by public transportation or driving your own vehicle.

After the tower tour, you can shop for souvenirs that will remind you and your loved ones of Belek, or you can visit the nearby Belek Central Mosque (Belek Merkez Camii).

Belek is one of the most unique holiday destinations. It has managed to carry many historical and geographical beauties from the past to the present, offering its visitors not only the sea, sand, and sun, but also a unique energy in a historical environment.

The historical sites you can visit, particularly the ancient cities, will ensure your Antalya Belek holiday goes well beyond your dreams that will leave you with cherished memories for the rest of your life.

Calista Luxury Resort combines your itinerary of historical places to visit in Belek with superior accommodations and world-class service quality, allowing you to spend each day much more comfortable and special than the last. You can contact us at any time to learn more about our services and to take advantage of early booking discounts.

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