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26 July 2023

Fun and Adrenaline-Spiked Holidays in Antalya: Activity and Event Suggestions

Depending on their personality, different people may have different expectations for what makes a successful holiday. Although it is traditional to go swimming in the sea during summer and to play in the snow during winter, each person will have different expectations for their vacation depending on their way of life. These expectations include activities for all seasons, including cultural excursions, art exhibits, and extreme sports.

You can participate in activities that appeal to all tastes by staying in Antalya, the Mediterranean's favourite vacation destination. You can have an unforgettable holiday experience by taking advantage of the city's fun activities and events. Antalya offers a variety of opportunities that can be joined at any time of the year.

Experience breath-taking scenery while paragliding

First among Antalya activities is paragliding, which is frequently chosen by extreme sports enthusiasts. Paragliding which allows you to fly at a height of approximately 400 metres. With this activity, you can enjoy the adrenaline rush as well as a spectacular view.

The hills of Kaş, Kalkan, and Alanya stand out as ideal locations for extreme sports such as paragliding, which allows you to have fun with a sense of freedom. However, there are some practicalities to be aware of before paragliding in these areas.

If you do not have a paragliding certificate, it is critical that you ensure that the people in the organisation you choose have the necessary permits and certifications and are experts in their field. You must always adhere to the instructions of the paragliding instructor.

By following the instructions, you can fly for about 30 minutes with an amazing view and have one of the most unique experiences of your life.

Water sports that will keep you cool in hot weather

Water sports are the preferred summertime activity for many tourists. Thanks to water sports that allow you to have fun while cooling off, you can have an unforgettable vacation experience. Banana (muz), a water sport, is propelled entirely by human energy. You can have fun attempting to balance the banana while it is being moved by one or more people.

Historically used as a mode of transportation, canoeing is a sport requiring balance and strength. Canoes can be rowed when seated or when standing.

Surfing, one of the water sports that can be enjoyed in Antalya, particularly in the summertime, has numerous subcategories. You can dance with the waves by selecting the most appropriate category from paddle surfing, wind surfing, catamaran, and sail surfing.

A jet ski is an engine-powered watercraft. Jet skiing is used for both recreation and transportation and has become one of the most popular summer water sports among tourists.

You must be 18 or older to operate a jet ski. If you do not have a boating licence, you can take the first step in this enjoyable sport by passing a test after a brief training session, or you can ride with a professional.

Flyboarding is one of the water sports that allows you to fly over the ocean. The flyboard, which can be used after 15 minutes of training, allows you to ascend to a height of up to10 metres above the water.

This device operates with the aid of pressurised water attached to the bottom of a pair of boots. It enables you to dive into the water and ascend while maintaining balance through the water propulsion. The flyboard, which requires the use of life vests and helmets, can be used to have extreme fun with waterpower.

Boat tours that let you explore remote coves

Among the options for weekend activities in Antalya, boat tours offer a variety of scenic routes. The boats provide unique concepts to tourists and allow you to explore the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the Mediterranean by travelling to various bays throughout the day. You can go to Kaleiçi, Kaş, Kekova, Kalkan, and Kemer to join boat tours, which have multiple destinations to many locations in Antalya.

By examining the boat routes and schedules, you can select the option that includes your desired sights. Tours by boat provide access to many coves that may be inaccessible by road. Therefore, you can enjoy a tranquil swim away from crowded beaches.

During a boat tour, it is possible to swim with marine life, dive without scuba equipment, and spend an unforgettable time exploring hidden caves.

Unforgettable nature walks

Hiking, also known as trekking, is one of Antalya's most popular outdoor activities. In the city, which has a large area for nature lovers to plan daily and weekly hikes, you can find traces of ancient civilizations as well as natural beauty.

You can join the specially designed nature walks by inquiring with various organisations, or you can create your own route and explore on your own or with friends.

You can follow numerous natural and historical hiking routes, ranging from the world-famous historical Lycian Way to the Ancient Carian Way, and experience a rush of adrenaline by trying one of the various climbing activities that are available. If you organise a long hike, you can even camp and sleep outdoors in the wilderness. You will have a pleasant time if you bring the necessary equipment for hiking, climbing, and camping.

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Journey to the depths of the sea: SCUBA diving

Diving is one of the answers to the question "What to do in Antalya?" The two main types of diving are scuba and freediving. Scuba diving in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, where you can discover countless sea creatures, is a highly enjoyable vacation activity. Scuba diving activities are typically brief.

Scuba diving requires a specialized certification. However, if you lack the qualifications, you can still explore the underwater world by scuba diving in shallower depths with the assistance of instructors. In Kaş, one of the most significant diving locations in the world, you can go scuba diving with professionals after a brief training session.

You can also scuba dive in Konyaaltı, Alanya, Kemer, İncekum, Beldibi, and Side, in addition to Kaş, to have a memorable experience in the Mediterranean, where many sea creatures can be observed. In Side, you can have a memorable experience by visiting the Side Underwater Museum, which features unique underwater sculptures.

The city is below your feet via cable car

Antalya has breath-taking views in every season and offers several unique activities that can make your vacation unforgettable. You can climb Saklıkent mountain in any season to experience multiple seasons in a single day. Taking the cable car at Saklıkent, a popular skiing destination, allows you to observe the beautiful landscapes from above.

Rafting for adrenaline-seekers

Rafting, which stands out among weekend activities in Antalya, is a thrilling experience. Adrenaline junkies appreciate the fact that daily tours are organised from every location in the city to the rafting locations. Combining nature and speed, the Köprülü Canyon and the Uçansu Waterfalls, are preferred for rafting, make for an exciting time.

Spend time outside on a Jeep safari

Antalya activity tours include a variety of enjoyable options. You can go on a jeep safari to explore Antalya's rugged terrain. You can take part in jeep safari tours alone or with your loved ones, which will allow you to discover numerous historical structures, ancient cities, waterfalls, and breath-taking landscapes.

Calista Luxury Resort, which ranks first among the hotels in Antalya that are bustling with activity, is valued for activities that appeal to all preferences. Our facility in Belek, Antalya provides a variety of accommodation options. You can use the facility's amenities by selecting the option that best fits your vacation expectations.

Calista Luxury Resort, one of the finest hotels in Belek, Antalya provides its guests with memorable experiences through its superior service. You can enjoy delicious food in stylish restaurants, relax in the SPA, engage in healthy and entertaining activities at our sports facilities, or take advantage of our beach and pool service to enjoy the sun and the sea.

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