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23 June 2023

High Standard Holiday Pleasure: The Best Beaches of Belek

Belek beaches bring you together with the warm sands, the deep blue sea, and the sun, making you happy. The most memorable moments of this combination are made during your holidays with Calista Luxury Resort.

Belek, Antalya, one of the essential Mediterranean vacation spots where you can enjoy sea views at any time, is rich in terms of the most beautiful beaches. You can easily choose from many of these beaches for swimming or just spend time with your loved ones on the sand.

Belek, which attracts local and foreign tourists throughout the year, has earned a stellar reputation for the greatest beaches, clear seas, and distinctive privileges and services. These beaches are among the spots that every visitor would undoubtedly wish to visit again. Their popularity has expanded far beyond Türkiye’s borders.

Calista Luxury Resort beaches and pools, where you can experience golden beaches, long strips of sand, bars with menus that will amaze you with their flavours when you need to take a break to eat, shaded areas where you can get away from the hot sun, and many other benefits, are all waiting for you this season, as they are every season!

Swimming in Belek: When is the Best Time?

The hours spent in the sea at Belek are among the most beautiful and unforgettable parts of your vacation. As a result, individuals planning a beach holiday want to know the answer to the question "When is the best time to swim in Belek?"

The time of year and the temperature of the water are the most basic determinants that allow for swimming. Belek, Antalya, is appropriate for a holiday all seasons of the year due to its geographical location. It is a place where you can discover the beauty of its surroundings at any time of year.

The beaches have a fine sandy consistency conducive for walking or running. Even if you are not going to swim in the sea, the sandy beaches of Belek are one of the special places where you can spend time with your friends, family, and loved ones. You can have wonderful beach trips together after dining or snacking at one of the unique restaurants.

Belek’s warm and clean, blue sea, of course, plays the most vital role in delightful beach times. It is vital for relieving the tiredness of the entire year. If you are planning a spring or summer vacation, you can begin your summer plans as early as May.

Antalya Belek beaches are among the exceptional locations that professional athletes can visit because they host numerous activities, particularly water sports, year-round. However, to enjoy the warm sea with your loved ones, you should consider the average sea temperature to make sure you will be comfortable.

The average water temperature for swimming in the sea should be between 22°C and 29°C. These temperatures, which correlate to the spring and summer months, will ensure a delightful summer vacation. Aside from its clean water, the, from time to time, wavy Antalya Belek sea is an essential component of a memorable summer vacation.

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Swimming Spots in Belek

Belek features seaside hotels that provide special amenities, as well as public beaches that are free to visit. The beaches near to the city centre are where you can explore all the natural wonders, enjoy warm sands and the vast Mediterranean, and find the answer to your search for Swimming spots in Belek.

Some Belek beaches that you can appreciate on a calm trip spent alone or when you are with your loved ones are as follows:

  • Belek Public Beach: This beach is located around 13 km from the city centre. It is among the most beautiful and popular beaches of Belek. It is 275 metres long and 60 metres wide. On this beach, you can see sand lilies that fascinate beachgoers with their scent and beauty.

Belek Public Beach has a shallow sea that is ideal for families with children. It also includes spaces where after swimming in the sea you can shower, use the restroom and have privacy in the changing cabins.

This free beach is one of the prominent Belek beaches that has earned a Blue Flag Award for its cleanliness, design, and environmental considerations.

This is an environmental award given to improved beaches and marinas where the environment and seawater are controlled and clean and where environmental awareness is spread to all guests. Belek, the pearl of Mediterranean tourism, and its beaches are exceptionally deserving of this honour. You can easily get here via your own car, taxi, or public transportation.

  • Kadriye Public Beach: The answer to the question "Can you swim in Belek?" is “Yes you can,” at Kadriye Public Beach, one of the most beautiful and unique beaches in the region. This spot is around 15 kilometres from the heart of Serik. This location, like Belek Public Beach, has also received a Blue Flag Award.

This location features sand that is coarser than other beaches but it should not cause you any discomfort. At the same time, as in other locations, its pure, clean, and deep-blue waters entice everyone.

The common feature of the best beaches in Antalya Belek, are shallow waters that are suitable for families with children is true here as well. Kadriye Public Beach, which has a temperate sea, is also a popular camping area. The tranquilly of the environment and the nature are inviting, particularly for people seeking serene moments away from the chaos of the city.

This beach is also free to enter, and a great place for you and your loved ones to enjoy the warm sand and sea, have a picnic, or go on pleasant nature walks. Getting here is convenient via public transportation, taxis, and private vehicles.

  • Boğazkent Ladies Beach: It is one of the most private, quiet, and privileged Belek beaches, and it is only accessible to women. The beach's surroundings are made up of fine sand and pebbles. If you want, you can order your food and beverages from nearby businesses, or you can bring your own snacks.

The entrance to Boğazkent Ladies Beach is free of charge. It is one of the locations visited by those looking for the most beautiful beaches in Belek, as well as those looking for a comfortable holiday with their family and loved ones.

Like other Belek beaches, it is easily accessible by private vehicles, public transportation, and taxis.

Private Beaches in Belek

Belek enchants its guests with private beaches, quality service, and the opportunity to participate in special activities and events.

Belek's private beaches, which are open all year, are the epicentre of warm Mediterranean waters, sparkling fine sands, and the sun that warms you up and helps you find peace.

The private beaches in the area charge an entrance fee. Because these fees are set by private businesses, they may vary, so check out the prices in advance of your arrival. You can enjoy the warm sea, sand, and sun in these areas, as well as choosing food and beverages from a variety of cafes, restaurants, and bars.

To add an unforgettable touch to your Antalya vacation with the most beautiful beaches in Belek, you can choose private beaches at hotels or businesses that offer packages or discounts. Every area is convenient in terms of access with private vehicles and other modes of transportation.

Get information about our offers and take advantage of early booking opportunities at Calista Luxury Resort, which has made a name for itself with its unique service concept, modern architecture, and one of the most beautiful beaches in Belek stretching along the coastline.

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