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14 August 2023


Ilya, hello! Thank you for taking your precious time with our little video blog.

How did you hear about us?

Hello! Well, I'll tell it like it is, because now it's November and many hotels in Turkey have already closed. And it so happened that I had to be on the coast of Antalya on my business, to choose a hotel and my tour operator offered me Calista. I have heard a lot about your hotel, but unfortunately I have never been, this is my first time here. And I'm very pleasantly surprised, actually. Even though it's November, it's true what everyone says, it's perfect weather. I look constantly at the thermometer 30 degrees, the sea, many are swimming. For some it is cool, for some it is not, but it is really possible to swim. And most importantly, despite the fact that many hotels have already closed, a really big party here. There are always some guests here, some companies come, other companies come. And it's really such a big bright hotel and I really liked it and it's great!
Thank you again! Let's move on to the second question.

What did you like specifically about your stay?

If I could just talk about that a little bit.
Well, you know, I guess the first thing that always comes to mind is....

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