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27 November 2023

Best Bays in Antalya: 6 Bays to Visit in Antalya

The most special city in the Mediterranean, Antalya, with its districts consisting of various features, attracts visitors throughout every season. Especially, the best bays in Belek, located in the city, are the favorite destination for those who want to swim peacefully in the sea.

Located in a popular location with its mild climate, unique nature, historical sites, and clear waters, Antalya bays are ideal places for swimming and diving. The bays preferred by those who want to spend time in a peaceful atmosphere are found in almost every district.

Antalya's most popular holiday destination, Belek, is bustling 24/7 during the spring and summer seasons. Belek offers a wide range of activities at any time of the day, and it is rich in terms of architecture and culture.

In addition to ancient settlements and natural structures, Antalya bays attract tourists from all over the world. The bays consisting of clear waters are home to thousands of species. There are many tree species, sea and land creatures in the region with the special ecosystem.

Some of the bays in Belek can only be reached by sea, while others can be accessed by both land and sea. These often unspoiled bays offer visitors a peaceful atmosphere.

The bays, which can be found in special areas such as the sea, forest, ancient city, and national park, make your holiday experience unforgettable by allowing you to spend time without getting bored throughout the day.


Adrasan Suluada Bay

Among the best bays in Antalya, Adrasan Bay is referred to as the "Maldives of the Mediterranean." The cove has two beaches, both consisting of white sands. Scientists have discovered that the sands have a special structure. Thanks to the special microorganisms found in the sands of Suluada in Adrasan, they have taken on a white colour.

The coast, which offers a pleasant swimming experience with its clear turquoise sea, has quickly become popular. On the island, where there is no settlement area, you can come across all the fish species in the Mediterranean. You can discover underwater caves and sea creatures by diving from the island, which is remarkable for its spotless structure.

You can take advantage of boat tours to reach Adrasan Suluada, which has been frequented by fishermen and sailors since ancient times. Boat tours are paid between certain hours.

Korsan Bay


Korsan Bay is located at a point between Kumluca District of Antalya and Gelidonya Lighthouse. To go to Korsan Bay, which cannot be reached directly by boat or road, you must enter the forest road from Karaöz Beach, which is 3 km away.

Pirate Bay was used as a harbour during the period when the ancient city of Melanippe was a settlement area. Located between 25-metre rocks, the sheltered area was the subject of the works of Hekataios and Piri Reis.

With its untouched natural areas and peaceful atmosphere, it is one of the best Antalya bays perfect for swimming and camping.

Ceneviz Bay

Located between Antalya's favourite regions Adrasan and Olympos, Ceneviz Bay has a remarkable appearance with its turquoise waters and green areas. Ceneviz Bay cannot be reached by land. The bay, which you can reach by sea, is located in Beydağları Coastal National Park.

The area, which is protected as a protected area, is one of the most important stops of boat tour routes. Genoese Bay, also called "Porto Genoese Bay", is at the foot of Moses Mountain.

Surrounded by high hills, the bay creates an isolated atmosphere. In addition to shaded areas and crystal-clear waters, you can spend time in nature at Ceneviz Bay, which also includes castle ruins dating back to the years when the Genoese established trading colonies. To reach Ceneviz Bay, you can take paid boat tours from Belek or use your private boat.

Andrea Doria Bay

Located on the Finike-Demre highway, Andrea Doria Bay takes its name from the Genoese Admiral Andrea Doria. This bay, which is affiliated with the Finike district, is located 2 km from the town center. Surrounded by cliffs, olive trees, and scrubland, the area offers a captivating blend of blue and green.

Andrea Doria Bay is one of the habitats of the endangered water turtles called Caretta Caretta. The region, which is also frequently visited by Mediterranean seals, has been frequented by fishermen, sailors, and pirates since ancient times.

Andrea Doria Bay, which you can reach by land and sea, manages to attract the attention of tourists with its peaceful atmosphere and clear waters.

Sazak Koyu

Sazak Bay, which cannot be reached by road, is among the best bays in Antalya and can be reached by boats departing from Adrasan. With its calm sea and clean sandy beach, the bay offers a striking view and is located at the foot of Moses Mountain. In the surrounding area covered with mountains and forests, you can engage in activities such as camping, trekking, diving, and climbing.

The possibility of telephone reception in the bay without electricity is extremely low. You can join the perfect harmony of sea, sun, and nature in Sazak Bay, which has become the centre of attention of those who desire to spend a peaceful and calm holiday.

Phaselis Bay

Located 12 km from Antalya in Kemer, Phaselis Bay is within the boundaries of Phaselis Ancient City. This bay, where historical ruins coexist with the sea and trees, offers a breathtaking view. You can reach the ancient city by boat tours and engage in activities like camping, swimming, and hiking in the forest.

Phaselis Bay, which offers a calm atmosphere in the early hours, becomes a stop for boats in the afternoon. You can enjoy the sea and the sun in the morning calmness; in the afternoon you can visit the ancient city and start exploring the forest. Entrance to the bay is free of charge and open for use at any time of the day.

When to go to Belek?

Belek, located in the Mediterranean's beloved city of Antalya, welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists each year. Belek, which calls attention with its countless beauties, is one of the rare places suitable for visiting in every season.

To visit the region with a mild climate, you should determine your holiday criteria. If you want to enjoy the sea and sun during the day and get involved in the lively entertainment life in the evening, summer is the best time for going to Belek.

You can prefer calm and cool weather to visit the natural and historical sites in the region by organising an exploration tour. You can go to Belek in the autumn and spring for cultural trips, extreme sports, and camping.

How to get to Belek?

You can reach Belek, a central and popular area, from various points in the city by considering various transportation methods. In addition to private vehicles and taxis, you can also use buses and minibuses departing from other districts to reach Belek.

You can reach Belek in a short time by using Ilıca Manavgat, Muratpaşa, Kepez, and Serik buses. Minibuses departing from the districts also offer practical access to the region.

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