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06 October 2023

Enjoyable Children's Activities that Develop Social Abilities

Social skills, which are an extremely important element in child development, are child activities that are also related to other elements of the development process. Therefore, experts recommend doing activities that support the development of social skills for cognitive and emotional development.

The Role Of Parents in Acquiring Social Skills

Parents play an important role in helping children acquire social skills. The child begins to learn by studying and imitating his parents, the people he sees most often in his life. Therefore, parents need to be role models for their children. The parent should act knowing that the child is observing herself/himself at all times and internalizing the parent's behavior and words.

You can hold a mirror to your child to guide the child's behavior healthily. It is a big mistake to think that children do not understand certain things at a young age. From the moment of birth, the child can clearly understand everything around him, even though she/he cannot speak and express herself/himself fully. Therefore, you should avoid attitudes that may harm the development process.

Inconsistent behavior of parents is one of the main factors hindering the development process. Sometimes the inconsistency between the two parents and sometimes the inconsistency of a parent hurts the development of the child's social abilities. It is extremely important for parents to be consistent and have clear attitudes.

In addition, it is necessary to create space for the child for the development of social skills. Playing various games with the child generally provides the formation of many skills such as empathy, patience, and waiting in line. Game selections should align with the purpose and support the development process.

Children's asking questions and learning to listen are the most important social skills. Asking questions allows the conversation to progress and allows individuals to get to know each other. The ability to listen allows for interpersonal bonding. Answering the child's questions correctly and listening to what they have to say helps develop these abilities.

Benefits of Child Activities for Child Development

Children's activities are very important in the development process not only for entertainment but also because of the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional benefits they provide.

Activities help the child use fine and gross motor skills. Physical children's activities, which should be taken care of for muscle and bone development, also help children's energy to be thrown out.

Activities that strengthen memory enable the child to establish cause-effect relationships and to approach critically. Children's games, which develop analytical intelligence by increasing creativity, help abstract thinking. These types of games, which provide a conceptualization of objects, enable different parts of the brain to be activated.

Children's activities that aid emotional development allow the child to identify emotions. The child, whose self-confidence develops over time, learns to express himself and his feelings.

Social skills are of great importance, especially with school age. For the child to socialize smoothly and safely, it is necessary to help the development of his abilities. A child who can make friends with his peers by being included in social groups turns into a self-confident adult.

Activities greatly affect the child's communication skills. The child's ability to express himself develops when he spends time in the same environment with his peers and has to communicate. The child, who learns to obey the social rules in this way, gradually becomes a part of the society by moving away from egocentric thoughts.

The age of 3, when children begin to develop in different ways and discover that they are individuals, is ideal for starting children's activities. From the age of 3 onwards, all the games played by the child contribute to the development of the child at a high rate. The cognitive development of children, whose motor skills and linguistic development progress, also accelerates.

The fact that children can get to know their environment and themselves in the best way before school age has a positive effect on their education life. Children's games consisting of fun activities are extremely important for the development of many skills. Playing allows children to develop various aspects of their interests and explore their interests at an early age.

It is the most important duty of parents to ensure that children participate in various activities by directing them according to their ages in the process from infancy to adolescence.

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Role Playing Games

Role-playing games significantly influence a child's developmental process. Children, who learn by imitating many things from their first steps to their first words, maintain this feature for many years. These games help children explore different creatures, concepts, and events.

They can learn to recognize animals by imitating various animals such as cats, dogs, and lions. With games such as playing families and doctor games, the child learns to empathize by replacing people with different characteristics and responsibilities.

If role-playing games are directed correctly, more contributions can be made to development. Role-playing games, which help the child learn words, concepts, and topics that they do not know, also allow them to have a very enjoyable time.

Finger Paint

Finger painting, which allows the development of motor skills, is one of the most frequently used children's activities in the child development process. In this activity, which is an activity that parents and children can do together, the child can learn colors and shapes in a fun way.

Finger paint, which develops the child's creativity and develops his imagination, also improves his ability to focus. The development of this ability allows the child to have a comfortable process at school age. This activity, which is an ideal activity for young children with a short time to focus, can be done with watercolor, brush, and paper.

Finger painting, which contributes to the development of patience, sharing, communication, and empathy skills, stands out as an activity where the child can also spend time alone.

Animal Recognition Game

Animal recognition game develops the child's distinguishing abilities and memory aspects. This game, in which the imitation feature is used, can be played in different ways. In a crowded area, children may be asked to stand up and imitate an animal in turn. Children watching are asked which animal is being imitated and why.

The animal recognition game, which develops many social skills such as visual memory, auditory intelligence, observation, analysis, and patience, as well as the child's ability to imitate, is an extremely fun and enjoyable activity.

Kids Clubs

Children's clubs are special areas where children can have fun with their peers. Clubs with expert staff can generally be categorized according to age groups. The kids club can be located in different areas. The program, which is made by the developmental characteristics of the age group, allows children to have an unforgettable experience.

Calista Luxury Resort has various areas specially designed for children, such as a children's club, a children's disco, and a children's buffet. The concept for children aged 1-3, called "Calhippo Babies", includes organic food, kitchen utensils, changing units, and toys.

Calhippo Minies Group has a very colorful and entertaining program for children aged 4-7, consisting of special handicraft courses, an outdoor playground, a playground at the beach, pool games, and sports activities. Consisting of children aged 8-12, Calhippo Maxies Group offers different and useful activities such as swimming, watching movies, award-winning competitions, and craft courses.

Offering a perfect holiday opportunity, Calista Luxury Resort ensures that both children and parents have a safe and comfortable holiday.

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