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08 November 2023

What to Pack for a Holiday

You need to pay attention to what to pack when going on a summer holiday. Because the summer holiday is one of the most anticipated times of the year. It is a great opportunity to cool off in the sun, explore new places, and accumulate pleasant memories with your loved ones. However, to truly enjoy the holiday, it is necessary to make careful planning and careful preparation.

In summer what to pack when going on holiday choosing the right items will ensure that your holiday goes smoothly and pleasantly.

What to Pack for a Summer Holiday

Following a tiring and gloomy winter season, summer holiday plans begin with the arrival of spring. The summer holidays are a period of time in which fun and relaxation can exist side by side. To have a pleasant and comfortable holiday process, it is recommended that you choose carefully what to pack for a holiday by the sea

You should make sure that you take all the products you need with you to avoid any problems during your holiday process.

Sun Protection Products

Among the essentials to pack for a summer holiday, sun protection products are the most important. Sunscreen products consist of many different needs and options suitable for requests. Choosing the right products for your skin type will ensure a healthy and trouble-free holiday.

Sunscreens consist of various ingredients according to skin type. You should ensure that the preservatives produced for dry, oily, sensitive, and normal skin provide adequate protection. Sensitive and fair-skinned individuals need to prefer sunscreens containing an SPF of 50.

If you want to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun while still achieving a tan, you can also use tanning products in addition to sunscreen. The skin thickness and sensitivity of the face and body may vary. so when choosing sunscreen, consider the specific needs of the area you'll be applying it to.

Backup Swimwear and Beach Clothes


Essentials to pack when heading to the sea include backup swimsuits, bikinis, and beach clothes. You can take a shower after swimming to prevent salt water from drying out on your skin. However, some people do not like sunbathing with wet swimwear. Wet beach clothes can also cause the growth of bacteria in the body.

It is extremely important that you take a spare swimsuit with you to avoid any problems after the holiday. While roaming around in daily clothes under the scorching sun can be uncomfortable. you can make your holiday more enjoyable by bringing along lightweight and comfortable beachwear like pareos and shorts.

Beach Slippers and Sea Shoes

As the inseparable trio of summer holidays is sea, sand, and sun, consider essentials to pack when heading to sea. Beach slippers and sea shoes are extremely important to have a pleasant and comfortable holiday process. Beaches can consist of sand, gravel, and concrete. Walking barefoot on a surface that's been directly heated by the sun can be painful in hot climates.

To prevent your feet from getting burnt, you need to get a lightweight and easy-to-carry beach slipper. Sea shoes are a special type of shoes that can also be used as beach slippers. Sea shoes, which prevent your feet from being damaged and slipping while swimming in seas that usually have a gravel floor, allow you to have a perfect swimming experience.

Towel or Loincloth

Hotels are at the beginning of the places where accommodation is made during the holiday period. Hotels can vary based on their features and services.  Things to take when going on holiday to the hotel there are towels and loincloths decked out between them.

Although these products are usually available in facilities where services such as pool, sauna, massage, and Turkish bath are provided, it is recommended to carry your own towels and loincloths so that there are no question marks in your mind from a hygienic point of view.

You can also use these products to sunbathe on the beach or in the pool, you can wrap them around your body to dry off when you get out of the water. You need to buy different towels for the sea, pool and bathroom.


Summer holidays, especially, are taken during the hottest times of the year. You should definitely take a hat with you in order not to have health problems during the holiday period when the sun is on the hill with all its burning. Hats with sun visors that shield your face and eyes from the sun's rays offer a comfortable solution. You can also prevent the risk of burns by covering your hat to your face while sunbathing.

Waterproof Phone Case

Ignored on the list of things to pack for a holiday is the waterproof phone case. Protecting your phone is essential in a process where everything from airline tickets to banking is done by phone. Especially during the summer holidays, it is advisable to have a waterproof phone case.

Waterproof phone cases are also a practical way to capture the most memorable moments of your holiday. Thanks to the case in which you will place your phone, you can record images under the pool and sea.

Swim Cap

Although caps are among the items that should be taken when going to the pool,  they are also suitable for use in the sea. In some facilities, it is mandatory to wear a bonnet before entering the pool. Swim caps, which ensure that the pool is clean and hygienic, also prevent chlorinated water from touching your hair.

During a sea holiday, salt water and the sun damage the hair to a great extent. If you don't want to deal with frayed hair after the holiday, you can take a cap with you and wear it while swimming in the sea.

Backup Clothes


At the top of the list of what to pack for a holiday are backup clothes. You can have a pleasant time during the holiday by taking pieces consisting of styles suitable for your holiday understanding. You can have a comfortable holiday experience by choosing clothes consisting of different structures for the beach, dinner, and entertainment.

A spare set of clothes can take up too much space in your suitcase and add to the weight. To avoid such a problem, you can choose pieces that are compatible with each other and consist of features suitable for different areas.

Portable Charger

Plans can change instantly while on holiday. You may forget to charge your phone while getting caught up in the excitement of the holiday. It is recommended that you take a lightweight and high-powered portable charger with you to protect the charging of your phone. The charger should be easy to carry. You can carry this device with you at all times by charging it at regular intervals.


If you have a chronic condition, you should definitely carry your medications with you. You can carry your medicines by evaluating dated medicine boxes. Although you do not have any health problems, you can be prepared for all possibilities by taking a small first aid kit, painkillers, burn cream, band-aids, and cologne containing high alcohol with you.

Detailed List of What to Pack for a Holiday


What to pack for a holiday varies according to your holiday understanding. There are many different options such as summer holidays, camping holidays, winter holidays, and thermal holidays. We have listed some common items for you that you should have with you on all types of holidays:

●      Identity card

●      Cash

●      Credit card

●      Bus/plane/train ticket

●      Charger

●      Mobile phone

●      Magazine or book

●      Backup clothes

●      Hat

●      Sunglasses

●      Sunscreen cream

●      Towel

●      Moisturizing cream

●      Pocket-size sewing kit

●      First aid kit

●      Deodorant

●      Toothbrush

●      Power Bank

●      Headphone

●      Plug converter

●      Socks

●      Underwear

●      Camera

●      Napkin

●      Wet napkin

●      Comb

●      Beverage

●      Snack

●      Empty bag

●      Notepad


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