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12 February 2024

A Unique Holiday Experience: What is an Ultra All-Inclusive Holiday?

After being tired throughout the year, when the time for rest approaches, ideal spots for vacation begin to be sought. The most important stage of the holiday is accommodation. Accommodation areas consist of alternatives such as hostels, apartments, houses, boutique hotels and hotels. Hotels can be categorized as all-inclusive hotels and ultra-all-inclusive hotels.

These two very similar concepts have some differences in terms of service. There are also some facilities where both concepts are available together. All-inclusive and ultra-all-inclusive concepts aim to provide guests with a perfect rest and entertainment process.

Ultra All-Inclusive Holiday

What is ultra all-inclusive, often heard when it comes to vacations? Ultra all-inclusive has some differences compared to the all-inclusive holiday concept.

Ultra all-inclusive hotels do not have any restrictions, especially in the field of eating and drinking. For 24 hours at any time, you can consume the food and drinks available at the hotel. In the ultra-all-inclusive holiday concept, you can benefit from the hotel's various activities free of charge.

Ultra all-inclusive holiday hotels, which are large complexes, have many areas such as cafes, restaurants, pool bar, kids club, babysitter, water sports, fitness center, SPA and beauty center. The ultra-all-inclusive holiday concept allows you to benefit from most or all of these areas free of charge.

Differences between All-Inclusive Holiday and Ultra All-Inclusive Holiday

There are some differences between all-inclusive and ultra-all-inclusive holiday concepts. A detailed examination of the concept features allows you to make the appropriate choice according to personal criteria and holiday expectations.

The most important difference between an all-inclusive holiday and an ultra-all-inclusive holiday is food and beverage restrictions. With the concept choice, it is decided whether food and beverages will be served at certain options and times.

In both concepts, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price. In the all-inclusive concept, meals must be selected within a certain time interval and from the alternatives offered. In the ultra-all-inclusive concept, you can consume your meals anytime you wish.

The all-inclusive holiday concept usually includes soft and local alcoholic drinks within certain hours. In the ultra-all-inclusive holiday, local and foreign drinks can be consumed 24 hours daily. The scope of the ultra-all-inclusive concept is quite wide. It is possible to benefit from some of the paid activities of the facility free of charge.

Ultra All-Inclusive Holiday Features

Ultra all-inclusive concept does not charge any additional fees during your vacation. You can also benefit from the activities determined by the facility, where no additional fee is paid for any service, from minibars to food and drinks, free of charge. Hotels serving in the ultra-all-inclusive concept offer a wide range of activities.

Ultra all-inclusive concept is applied in large and starred hotels. Aiming to provide guests with a perfect holiday experience without leaving the facility, hotels offer 24-hour food service.

In the ultra-all-inclusive concept, you can benefit from all the facilities of the facility as well as breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, dinner and 5 o'clock tea free of charge.

Accommodation Options

Ultra all-inclusive hotels offer a wide range of accommodation options. In addition to standard room options, various accommodation units with different sizes are suitable for different numbers of people. In addition to the rooms within the facility, such as family room, king suite, suite room, duplex room, bungalow and detached accommodation units can also be found.

Accommodation options vary depending on the features of the facility. It is extremely important to make a choice by considering your personal criteria to have a comfortable holiday.

Food and Drinks

The most important feature of an ultra-all-inclusive vacation is that food and drinks are unlimited. Food and drinks, which are not limited in time and choice, are offered to guests free of charge within the concept. In addition to the restaurant section, the concept also offers room service, and meals are usually served as an open buffet.

During the 24-hour ultra all-inclusive holiday, which allows you to benefit from meals and snacks free of charge, you can taste all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can also consume food and drinks in the minibars in the accommodation unit free of charge.

Entertainment and Activities

The facilities where you can experience the ultra-all-inclusive holiday experience are usually large complexes. In hotels where entertainment and activities are important, almost all activities you can participate in are free. Free activities on an ultra-all-inclusive vacation may vary depending on the hotel. Before making a reservation, you can research the entertainment and activities included in the concept in detail.

SPA and Health Services

SPA and health services, which make the holiday experience unique, help guests to rest and relax. These services are included in the ultra-all-inclusive concept in most large hotels.

Airport Transfers

The ultra all-inclusive concept, which gives you a comfortable and perfect holiday from the moment you get off the plane, allows you to reach the facility with airport transfer easily. To benefit from the airport transfer, it is recommended that you inform the hotel about your arrival time.

Where to Have an Ultra All-Inclusive Holiday?


Ultra all-inclusive hotels host thousands of guests annually with an uncompromising understanding of quality and high standards. Especially preferred in the spring and summer seasons, facilities with the ultra all-inclusive concept stand out as ideal choices to relieve the year's tiredness.

There are many special facilities where you can have an ultra all-inclusive vacation. Starred facilities consisting of large complexes allow you to have a comfortable stay. You can choose the Mediterranean and Aegean regions to enjoy the sun, sea and pool in the spring and summer seasons or take a mild break from the harsh winter conditions.

Located in Antalya, the favorite holiday city of the Mediterranean, Calista Luxury Resort has become the center of attention with its ultra-all-inclusive concept and impeccable service concept. From Sports activities to dancing, unique flavors to pool options, you can have the best holiday experience of your life at the resort, which has a very wide complex.

Thanks to the Calista Luxury Resort ultra all-inclusive concept, you can benefit from 24-hour food and beverage, private restaurants, pools, bar, children's pool, babysitter, pool bar, kids club, beach, VIP pier, butler service and a pillow menu that allows you to sleep comfortably.

Advice for Ultra All-Inclusive Holidayers

It is extremely important for people who will have an ultra-all-inclusive vacation to pay attention to some elements. The unchanging criterion of the ultra-all-inclusive holiday concept is food and drinks. However, some elements may vary according to the facilities.

Before booking an ultra-everything vacation, you should get detailed information about the activities and entertainment included in the concept. It is advisable to make sure that services such as airport transfer, babysitting, SPA and beauty center are free of charge.

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