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03 January 2024

Address for a Glorious Vacation: What is King Suite?

A king suite is sumptuous, luxurious and comfortable; it allows you to experience a royal vacation experience at the highest level. Usually located on the most prestigious floors or in the most beautiful gardens of luxury hotels, these suites are the key to an unforgettable vacation experience.

Luxury hotel king suites can be even more comfortable than the most elegant homes imaginable. With spectacular views of nature at your feet, hotel penthouses are also exclusive accommodation alternatives with privileged services and access to private areas. King suites are perfect for those seeking comfort, luxury and exclusivity.

"What is a king suite?" is one of the most curious questions about hotels and luxury vacations. So, what is a king suite? Does it offer a vacation experience worthy of its name, worthy of kings? What kind of privileges does it promise? We will answer these questions now.

What is King Suite?

A king suite is an accommodation option offering the highest comfort and exclusive services in luxury hotels. Usually offering the best view to its guests, king suites are private rooms with enormous square meters. These private accommodations promise a spacious, cosy and elegant experience.

King suites usually include separate bedrooms, living rooms, private bathrooms, Jacuzzis, dining tables, private terraces or balconies and sometimes private pools. Every piece of furniture and product in a presidential suite is of the highest quality. Premium bathroom products, orthopaedic and comfortable high-quality beds, large and comfortable armchairs, and the wealthiest minibars are all found in these rooms.

King suite accommodations offer an exclusive experience with first-class privileged services. King suite guests can enjoy various complete services such as airport transfers, a high-level welcome, a personal assistant for every vacation aspect, and international cuisine. Some hotel penthouses may also offer guests exclusive access to privileged areas.

These exclusive areas can include private sections of beaches, pools, SPA and fitness facilities.

History of the King Suite

A king suite is a concept that is an extension of the accommodation units that have been specially designed for kings, queens and other noble persons throughout history and offer privileged services. For this reason, king suite hotel prices may be higher than other accommodation options. However, king suites allow you to experience the luxury of the great kings of history.

Historically, king suites refer to the private quarters where kings, queens, emperors and other nobles stayed. These spaces can be named in different ways in different civilisations and cultures. But they all have in common that they offer the highest level of comfort and exclusive services. These rooms also feature first-class architecture.

The history of the king suites dates back to ancient settled civilisations such as Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. There were privileged accommodations for monarchs and nobles in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. These residences often had private bathrooms, baths, gardens and luxurious decorations. The king suites in these civilisations were never left empty by servants, and the monarchs and the ruling family were constantly catered to.

In medieval Europe, nobles and kings had specially designed residential areas in their palaces. These areas offered the most comfortable accommodation experience in the conditions of the time and were separated from the other parts of the palace. During the same period, the Ottoman Empire did not have a king's chamber. However, the sultans also had rooms in their courts, such as the throne room and harem, which offered a high level of comfort.

The emergence of the king suite concept in the hotel industry dates back to the 19th century. In the 19th century, luxury hotels were established in Europe with the development of transportation facilities and tourism. Hotel penthouses also emerged during this period, offering privileged services, views and amenities for high-end guests. Today, they are much more common and have been the key to luxury vacations since they first appeared in hotels.

Features of the King Suite

The king suites in luxury hotels aim to create the atmosphere of a king's room for distinguished guests. King's rooms or king suites were historically rooms that offered exceptional comfort to nobles and monarchs. King suites of the hotels most elaborately offer their guests comfort, luxury and elegance.

King suites usually consist of separate bedrooms and living rooms. The King Suite at Calista Luxury Resort, one of the leading hotels in Antalya, consists of two bedrooms and a living space in an area of 150 square meters. The king suites include the most comfortable and luxurious furniture in all rooms, especially in the bedroom.

These private accommodations are equipped with a wealth of amenities, just like a historic king room, and provide guests with unforgettable comfort. They often have outdoor areas such as a terrace or balcony. This allows guests to enjoy unparalleled views. Designed for a sumptuous vacation, these rooms can also have luxurious amenities such as a generous minibar, dining table, high-quality televisions and a Jacuzzi.

One of the most essential features of the presidential suites is their extensive area. As in the case of Calista Luxury Resort, this area can be up to 150 square meters, making it a perfect holiday opportunity for business people, couples and families with children.

Advantages of Staying in King Suite

Staying in a presidential suite offers unique advantages to enjoy a luxurious vacation experience. Foremost among these are the particular services that will accompany your vacation from when you land at the airport until you leave the hotel. These services will make you feel privileged, from airport transfers to personal assistants and babysitters.

The high-quality beds, spacious living rooms, terraces and balconies, unique views and luxurious bathroom facilities guarantee a comfortable stay. If you stay in a presidential suite, you will experience comfort and luxury to the finest detail.

The king suites also offer guests a private Jacuzzi and SPA facilities. They also enjoy exclusive access to the hotel's restaurants, sports facilities, and pools.

With all these advantages, staying in a king suite is the perfect option for those who want to enjoy a luxurious vacation experience. This accommodation is designed to make your vacation unforgettable and is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to make special memories. Whether looking for a unique family vacation, a romantic getaway or a relaxed business trip, a presidential suite has it all.

Services in the King Suite

The services offered in the king suites of hotels may vary from hotel to hotel and depending on the room category. However, the hotels' most exclusive, privileged and unique services are offered to the king suite guests. These services may include a private chauffeur, private chef, private assistant, transfer from the airport, access to private areas, babysitting, private beaches and pools.

The services in the king suites aim to provide a luxurious and comfortable stay. Thanks to the King Suites services, you can enjoy the sea, sand, sun and unique natural beauties without worrying about anything.

Calista Luxury Resort, located in Antalya, Antalya, offers its king suite guests a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea, luxurious accommodations, and numerous privileged services.

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