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08 December 2023


We are pleased to welcome you to our Hotel Calista. In that regard, we'd like to ask you a couple of questions. The first one is. How did you find out about Hotel Calista?

Tell me, it was my husband found out told me and then we started to look for a tour here, so let him tell me. I heard it on TNT, there was a commercial on TNT, some festivals or something. Yeah, it was a long time ago, Calista Calista. And then as we were going to go, I had something like this in my head, we went to look at it and I was very well the territory bribed at once. Actually so that's how we came for the first time, but after the first time the second time followed because we liked it perfectly here in terms of territory, green area, I think it's a paradise. These coniferous trees, all this vegetation is just super. Yes and thus we were last year with the child and then at that moment the child was 3 years old we have not yet experienced all the charms of the children's club, but already there with a nanny left and this year we are full-fledged leave the child and it is certainly a completely different level. Here the child is inspected and parents can calmly rest in this case, spend time with the child, that's because it is very cool. I want to note very much in the children's club animators, because they at a very high level communicate with children, work, the child wants to return there.

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