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04 March 2024

Things to Consider in Meetings

The meeting event, where two or more people come together for a specific purpose, has an important place, especially in corporate life. Meetings stand out as organizations aimed at increasing the efficiency of individuals and companies in business life.

What is a Meeting?

Various activities where companies and individuals gather and communicate for a determined purpose are the answer to the question, "What is a meeting?" A meeting can be held for many different purposes. Meetings can be held for many purposes, including information sharing, problem-solving, exchange of ideas, promotion and negotiation.

Meetings with various concepts must be carefully planned to ensure they run smoothly and are completed. The purposeful influence of the individuals attending the meeting increases the efficiency of the meeting.

These organizations for participants are usually held in conference halls. Hotel conference halls can be preferred for the comfort of out-of-town guests. Meetings are extremely important activities for business life.

What is Meeting Management?

Meeting management is executing the event by determining various details about the meetings. Attention should be paid to meeting management so that meetings, which have an important place in business life, can be carried out smoothly. The first step of meeting management is to determine the purpose. After determining the purpose of the meeting, the agenda should be created, and research should be done to ensure efficiency.

There are many different types of meetings. The purpose of the meetings, which focus on various points from training to project management, should be determined. Determining the purpose prepares the ground for the next steps of meeting management.

While preparing the meeting agenda, information and plans for the purpose should be created in detail. The participants' information, characteristics and tasks should also be included in the meeting agenda.

It is known that visually supported narratives increase the efficiency of the participants. After the meeting schedule is determined in detail, the presentation and necessary documents are prepared. While managing the meeting, interesting methods should be applied to prevent the participants from being distracted. After the meeting is completed, it should be analyzed by reporting.

The Importance of Meetings in Business Life

Meetings are preferred in family, friends, and corporate life. However, meetings held in business life have a special importance. Many different meetings can be held in business life. Meetings are events that focus on a specific topic. The topic may be important for individuals, companies and organizations.

Internal meetings are generally aimed at maintaining the company's activities. They can be held for various purposes, such as training, analysis and strategy formulation. Wider meetings, on the other hand, do not remain company-specific. Training, seminars, and promotional meetings attended by different individuals also include individuals from outside the company.

Meetings can provide staff with information about different departments and new perspectives. At the same time, people who meet each other have the opportunity to make new business contacts.

Preparations to Be Made Before The Meeting

There are some preparations to be made before the meeting organization. Steps such as determining the purpose and agenda, preparing meeting and presentation techniques, communicating with the participants, and choosing the venue are among the most important preparations before the meeting.

Defining Meeting Objectives

One of the most important preparations to be made before the meeting is to determine the objectives of the meeting. Determining the meeting objectives plays an important role in deciding the organisation's next steps. The objectives should be decided to determine many steps, such as inviting the appropriate participants for the meeting, selecting the conference hall, determining the presentation techniques and what will be explained.

You can start preparing your speech by defining the purpose of the meeting. The course of the speech is as important as the introduction and conclusion. You can use interesting information and humor to keep the participants' attention.

Identifying presentation techniques can contribute to strengthening the narrative. Visual-oriented presentations help to increase focus time. You can strengthen your narrative with presentations with visuals and statistics appropriate to the subject you are explaining.

Selecting Necessary Participants

The most important step for the meeting organization is the participants. It is advisable to consider various factors when selecting participants. Selecting people and companies that are suitable for the purpose of the meeting allows you to get high efficiency from the meeting. It is also very important that the invitees participate in the subject and exchange information during the meeting.

Selecting people with whom information can be shared contributes to the meeting and the other people in the meeting. Selecting people who are appropriate for the purpose and agenda of the meeting is also necessary to strengthen business contacts.

Planning Meeting Date and Duration

The date and duration are of great importance in meeting planning. The date of the meeting should be a day when the invitees can attend. For meetings with international and out-of-town guests, holding the meeting on the weekend increases the amount of participation.

After setting the meeting date, participants should be contacted for approval. It is extremely important to get approval not to participate less than targeted. The meeting date should be communicated at least 1 week in advance so that participants can plan. Calculating the meeting time helps participants plan the rest of the day and increases the efficiency of the meeting.

Meetings may be shorter or longer than planned. However, increasing this difference may cause participants to have a negative impression of the meeting. It is useful for speakers to rehearse by keeping time in order to adapt to the meeting time.

Meeting Agenda Creation

The meeting agenda sets the course of the meeting. The meeting agenda, which focuses on the participants' purpose, duration, pace, analysis methods and expectations, allows the organization to be efficient.

The first step in creating a meeting agenda is to determine the type of meeting. Following the meeting agenda, the purpose and objectives should be defined. The key topics to be selected are important points for the meeting. The management process should be facilitated by determining the responsibilities and roles of the participants in the meeting. The duration should be determined by preparing the presentation materials.

The meeting agenda should be reviewed in detail and revised if necessary. After the meeting agenda is prepared, it should be distributed to the participants. Feedback on the agenda should be evaluated.

Meeting Environment and Organization

The meeting environment and layout have a great impact on the participants. A spacious meeting environment with good ventilation ensures that participants are comfortably involved in the meeting. Having the right temperature and lighting affects the efficiency of the meeting. Low temperatures can make participants feel cold, while high temperatures can make them feel overwhelmed or tired.

Uneven lighting affects focus. Dim and inadequate lighting can induce sleep. Artificial lighting tires the eyes and distracts attention. Using natural and moderate lighting helps participants to focus their attention.
Seating also contributes to the role of the guests in the meeting. Seating arrangements can be categorized as round table, rectangular table, herringbone and U table. The round table is the most preferred seating arrangement and allows for active participation in the meeting.

At rectangular and U-tables, it can be assumed that the person at the head of the table needs to be approved. This seating arrangement may reduce efficiency by preventing participants from sharing ideas. In a herringbone seating arrangement, meetings should generally be held with certain people at the forefront.

Meeting Communication and Interaction with Participants

Meeting communication requires interaction with the participants. Getting the participants' ideas or questions about the discussed topic helps to have a productive meeting. Communication should be maintained under the rules set during the meeting to ensure an effective and organized meeting.

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